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  1. iambananaballsso

    Gaming How to check if B/W pokemon are legal?

    How can i check if my B/W team is legal, can someone type here all the requirements. I checked out some youtube videos and followed them but still i get kicked out of random battle. I am using acekard 2.1 on ds lite on Pokemon black using pokegen.
  2. iambananaballsso

    Hacking question on akaio 1.8.6a

    after updating to akaio 1.8.6a the main title screen still says akaio 1.8.6, is everyone also getting this? Should it say 1.8.6a? Did i put 1.8.6 again thinking it was 1.8.6a?
  3. iambananaballsso

    Hacking i get system file missing when loading pokemon black

    i have a ds lite, and acekard 2 1.8.5a and i have the latest loaders, i have the pokemon black rom, patched at version 9, and when i load it i get a system file missing error, but if i load any other game its fine... whats wrong, i tried formatting it also and reinstalling the firmware, and...
  4. iambananaballsso

    Hacking i think my acekard 2 has contact issues 8(

    Hi I have a ds lite, with acekard 2 with akaio 1.8.5a for some time now maybe several months, occasionally when i turn on my ds, i get a FAT error, so i have to remove the micro sd then then reinsert it, to get it working again, so i figure my microsd is starting to lose contact with the...
  5. iambananaballsso

    Gaming help with spider man shattered dimensions

    i am stuck in the game in the end where u go through the giant portal and have to fight mysterio, in one of the boxes in the minimap, (somewhere in the center) there is a pit where i cant get to the top, so i am stuck in that room (and theres purple plasma everywhere so i cant wall crawl), i...
  6. iambananaballsso

    ROM Hack how to edit text in pokemon games?

    what tools (and where do i get them) are needed to edit text in pokemon black/white? Also where can i find the tutorial for using the tools?
  7. iambananaballsso

    Hacking Is there a acekard 2.1 rom that can be used on no$gba?

    Is there such thing as a acekard 2.1 rom that plays on no$gba? And for for loading the firmware is uses a folder that has to be in a certain location. In that folder is all the firmware stuff, and other roms and maybe moonshell, that we keep in the root of our micro sd crads for our own...
  8. iambananaballsso

    Gaming Question on YUGIOH 2010 J game

    i notice even with cheats on, i can only change my hair, custume and duel disk, but online i see people with different eyes and facial expressions, and sometimes goggles. How do i change this for my avatar for the game?
  9. iambananaballsso

    Homebrew Question about SvSip

    i noticed that when i call from this homebrew, that a number comes on the other phones caller id and i use voip buster but what happens if the person calls back on that number? so for sure no one will pick, up because a ds cant recieve calls and theres no way to trace the call back so like...
  10. iambananaballsso

    Hacking When is the new cheat file coming out?

    When is the new cheat file coming out? is there any update on that?
  11. iambananaballsso

    ROM Hack how do i change the id of a rom

    how would i change the game id on a ds rom, can someone send me a link to a program that does it if there is one...
  12. iambananaballsso

    ROM Hack zelda spirit tracks cheats help

    i downloaded the spirit tracks U rom, then patched it with xeno. patch, then got r4cee, found out the id for the patched game, changed the id for spirit tracks in the latest cheat file, to the patched version's id, then on my ds, it finds the cheats for the game, i also check that the cheats are...
  13. iambananaballsso

    Hacking moonshell music issue

    i have an acekard 2 with moonshell 2.08, and i want to know how to play music at a random order everytime i play music it goes to the current song to the next one, is there an option in moonshell to shuffle the songs and play at a random order? if so, how would i do that?
  14. iambananaballsso

    Hacking help with AKAIO 1.5 cheats problem

    i have acekard 2 AKAIO 1.5 on ds lite if i dont enable cheats , the game loads fine, but if i enable cheats, it goes to a white screen and stays there when i load the game i can still the cheat list and choose which cheats to pick, thats always works., but i want to know why it goes to white...
  15. iambananaballsso

    ROM Hack what is the best anti piracy patch for HGSS, and where do i get it?

    i am using kazo's v3b patch, and i want the right anti piracy patch too so it doesnt freeze do i have to use both patches, or does kazo's patch do it all? also which patch do i use on the untrimmed rom first? plus i will be playing it on a acekard 2 AKAIO 1.4.1 on my ds lite, so is there any...
  16. iambananaballsso

    Hacking is there any ds browser that works and doesnt require the ram in slot

    is there any ds browser that works and doesnt require the ram in slot 2?????
  17. iambananaballsso

    Hacking moonshell 1.71

    i have acekard 2 with AKAIO 1.4 how do i install moonshell 1.71 when i extract it there is no folder called moonshell or no .nds moonshell file just some other files how do i get the correct files to put on the root of the acekard to make it work also for BatchDPGMTv2.exe, when i run it i get...
  18. iambananaballsso

    Hacking moonshell 2 bets 5 errer

    on the root folder i have the moonshell 2 folser and the moonshell 2 .nds file , when i load the program, an error message shows up and says "Memory extension not found" how do i fix this?
  19. iambananaballsso

    ROM Hack legend of zelda language

    is there an english patch for legend of zelda because the U rom is not in english
  20. iambananaballsso

    ROM Hack legend of zelda language problem

    when i open the USA version rom [ (U) IND ] this comes up "touchez l'ecran tactile" is there a patch to make it english (the english rom would say "touch the screen") or does anyone know where to get the english rom? i got the rom from and it was called NDS ROM: 1456 - Zelda...
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