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  1. iNFiNiTY

    Gaming Starcraft: Brood War Challenge: $50 prize!

    1. Introduction Starcraft: Brood War is the highest selling RTS of all time. Most PC gamers among you, especially older ones, will have at least played it once. It's also the most successful eSport ever, with highly paid professional gamers, tv broadcasts and massive live audiences...
  2. iNFiNiTY

    Community interest in seedbox server for tempers

    Basically what this topic is for is looking for community interest and thought on the topic of torrent seedboxes and similar services. Recently more and more i have been noticed temper complaints and everywhere infact about capped ISP torrent download speeds and many other issues, which is there...
  3. iNFiNiTY

    Good Music and how to find more

    Electronic Dance Music is a huge and widely complex thing to get into. So heres a guide to help people find some music they didn't know about before and not just have the usual view of 'its all the same' This guide is directed towards the harder side of dance music, but whole much more...
  4. iNFiNiTY

    ROM Hack Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars AR code fix

    Hey. I just checked out the ARM9 and the actual differences. Heres a code to make the game work without any switching files bullshit: 020FCB3C 22329203 Some games might still need ARM7 swap along with this, but for CycloDS and many others it should work fine. The game ID is YGXE DEE4AA12...
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