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  1. Defiance

    Mad Max and Half-Life Similarities

    Anyone here notice how the transitions from the first Mad Max film(s) to the new installment are similar to how Half-Life transitions into Half-Life 2? Both series start off with a relatively normal society, and then the next installments have completely different atmospheres. They both have...
  2. Defiance


    Has anyone seen this movie? It has near-perfect reviews, yet I cannot find it in any local theater! I'm trying to find it online, but not much luck is going on with that. I find the idea of it being filmed over 12 years rather intriguing, if done correctly, which seems to be the case. For...
  3. Defiance

    GCN Found 5-Year-Old Xeno GC..

    ..And I am interested in soldering it in my NGC. I bought it in March 2008, never got around to installing it, and later assumed it was thrown out (I even have old threads on here about it). However, I just happened to find it again (obviously), and I have some time to kill, so I was thinking...
  4. Defiance

    What comes to mind...

    When I say
  5. Defiance

    Best Evil Laughs

    They can be from television, movies, video games, even yourself. Here are my two that come to mind: H_vAXPRvRJs (Probably my favorite Zelda game to date.) bDmb4YQqizQ From Death Note, which maybe be the only anime I once loved and still do.
  6. Defiance

    Someone reccomend me a song to play on the piano!

    I want to play a song that basically sounds awesome. I was trying to learn/memorize Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag, but I sort of lost interest.. I've been playing piano since around third grade, but I'm not as good as I should be for a time span such as that. It doesn't have to be popular...
  7. Defiance

    Gaming Can the screen brightness be adjusted in game?

    I noticed that there is a volume slider on the system, unlike the DSi. I did a quick Google search, but I didn't find anything. I'm sure there is info on the subject matter, but right now asking here is easier for me.
  8. Defiance

    Portal 2 Delayed

    Valve (sadly) announced today that Portal 2 has been delayed two months, and will now release on April 18, 2011. Hello, worse news I’ll hear this week. Thanks for stopping by, jerk. In typical Valve fashion, the official announcement made us simultaneously chuckle and weep: “This two month...
  9. Defiance

    Name Change

    Yep. I got a name change today. The reason being is that I'm not really a fan of Nintendo, but I do really enjoy their games! I just don't want people to look at my username and I'm this hardcore Nintendo person with NP magazines dating back to 1803. Yes, I know they haven't been around that...
  10. Defiance

    Need help creating a stupid topic..

    Hey guys, I need help creating a topic that's so misleading, lame, and uncreative and that you think you're going to get more out of reading it. K thnx
  11. Defiance

    Hacking Upgraded from 4.0U to 4.2U; backups no longer work

    So today, I was bored so I decided to upgrade my Wii from 4.0U (originally upgraded from 3.2U to 4.0U awhile back using Waninkoko's loader) to 4.2U. So I loaded it from the Homebrew Channel just fine, and it also seemed to install fine. However, after it was finished, I tried loading a...
  12. Defiance

    Happy MAR10 day!

    Today is the one day of the century where it is going to be both MAR10 for the month and year, so you better celebrate by playing as many Mario games as you can!!
  13. Defiance

    My new "Excellent" Avatar

    Thought we needed some more excellence in this place, so I decided to spice things up. That is all. Inspired from ashens.
  14. Defiance

    Websites can read your mind now!

    Check out what I found.. Creepy, huh?
  15. Defiance

    Gaming Show your gamer rig/pc thread!

    This is a thread where people take pictures of their awesome custom built PC, or just regular bought but still cool PCs. You can show the motherboard, the case, the entire PC with your monitor sitting in your room, or whatever. Also, please post the specifications too! Unfortunately, the PC...
  16. Defiance

    Gaming Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

    When I first heard of this game I thought 'Alright!' and I was very excited.. However, after viewing some gameplay and comparing it to the PSP version I'm starting to think it looks like crap. Your thoughts?
  17. Defiance

    Walter Cronkite died at age 92

    It's true, look it up.. At least he lived a long life.
  18. Defiance

    Gaming Computer will not Load Anything...

    For some reason now when I turn on my computer, it takes a lot longer to load the icons, and once it does it won't open any programs. The only way I can get it to work is if I run it in safe mode, which then lets me open up Malwarebytes. It doesn't matter whether I do a quick or full scan, I...
  19. Defiance

    I lost my socks..?

    Hi. I was putting a couple pairs of socks in my dryer, and when I was about to hit the start button, it made a bunch of loud noises and big flashes. Now my socks are gone, and I'm pretty sure they're somewhere in between the Orion and Crab nebula. If anyone sees them, please let me know...
  20. Defiance

    Hacking WiFi Data Transfer

    Hey guys, I was wondering... With my WiFi DS games, such as GTA:CW, AC:WW, MK:DS, and LoZ:PH, will I have to transfer my wifi data from my old DS Phat to the DSi? I've seen no mention of it here, so I'd figure I would ask just in case... I never upgraded to a Lite, so idk whether I have to or...
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