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  1. hova1

    Nintendo wont allow The Binding of Isaac on the 3DS eShop

    This article makes a good point. How dare we say videogames are art if this shit is still going on. Meanwhile in Japan, Nintendo has no problems with 3D lolicon boobs bouncing games on the 3DS.
  2. hova1

    First 3DS game announced without 3D

    Cubic Ninja Is The First 3DS Game Without 3D When AQ Interactive’s Cubic Ninja releases, it’ll be the first Nintendo 3DS game that isn’t in 3D. This is because the puzzle-platformer is controlled by moving and tilting the 3DS, making use of its internal gyrometer. Source and more info at...
  3. hova1

    Hacking Is WoodR4 popular in Japan?

    hey i was just wondering if WoodR4 turned out to be popular for japanese R4 users? or do they use YSmenu because documentation is in japanese? I know it's a weird question but i was just curious. is this being talked about on 2channel and what not?
  4. hova1

    Why isn't it allowed to reply to Gbatemp reviews?

    It seems to me like the "reviews" are just glorified ads with the benefit that the staff of Gbatemp gets free stuff to review. i mean seriously, $140 for a SNES flashcart? you guys don't even mention the price. The people from Retrozone are seriously ripping off people with their hardware. I...
  5. hova1

    Rumor: Nintendo is giving out dev-kits for new handheld it is french but what they basically are saying is that Developers have got new dev-kits from Nintendo for a new handheld. This new handheld has a accelerometer built in otherwise details are scarce. It is known that has ties with the...
  6. hova1

    Gaming Do you think the DS will oversell the PS2?

    according to wikipedia, the PS2 sold 136 million times in 9 years. The DS sold 101.78 million times in 5 years. I certainly hope so. We need a new king.
  7. hova1

    Gaming Tokyo Beat Down

    i made this thread because it can come out any moment now. here is a review
  8. hova1

    The DS sold 100 million times. How many DS users do you think are pira

    How many DS owners are pirates? keep in mind that it sold 100 million times.
  9. hova1

    New Chinatown video
  10. hova1

    can you make gbatemp like it was before?

    like, when u click something it imidietly shows up. because right now if you click something you have to wait and wait and wait and wait and finally a timeout error.
  11. hova1

    3 new DSi colors announced

    Currently japan only and will come out March 20th PINK, LIME GREEN and METALLIC BLUE
  12. hova1

    I think a place to talk about DSiWare and DSi hacking would be awesome

    make it happen plox. i mean really. this is one of the biggest DS community i know and a sub forum just about the DSi and DSi specific flashcarts would be on hand, now that it's coming so soon in the US and AUS.
  13. hova1

    Space Invaders Extreme 2, FIRST SCREENSHOTS!

    First screenshots released by famitsu it is a DS exclusive MULTIPLAYER
  14. hova1

    ROM Hack using the data folder for homebrew instead of a own folder

    i have this homebrew app called DSNotes. it saves files in a folder called "DSNotes" in the root directory, which sucks. i want it to make the folder inside the DATA folder instead. how can i change this? it uses palib btw...
  15. hova1

    Gaming What is this games name again?

    i remember reading about this game but i forgot on what site it was. well i know it's japanese and it's about like you're like a witch who runs a shop that sells magic ingredients. the goal is to make the shop grow over time. I'm not sure if it's out already but does anynone know what this game...
  16. hova1

    Hacking RE: Question about R4

    i wanted to post this but the moment i clicked on submit the topic got locked so...
  17. hova1

    Will you buy the new DSi handheld?

    Will you buy the new DSi handheld?
  18. hova1

    how do i submit a DS release on the User Subitted News Forum?

    i always wondered how this one works
  19. hova1

    Game & Watch Collection 2 has been announced for Club Nintendo Jap

    It features Parachute and Octopus. The cost is 500 points.
  20. hova1

    Rumor: Next Dual Touch DS Hitting Early Next Year? the rumors just don't stop. anyway IF it's true i hope it has better graphics than the PSP
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