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  1. Knarf

    Hacking Why is Nintendo so dumb?

    Personally before reading this topic I did think the DSi XL was a craptastic upgrade, but then after reading this I agree it was a good idea. Sure part of the reason for the upgrade is to make more money, and trick current DSi owners into thinking their DSi is obsolete, but the other reason is a...
  2. Knarf

    PSP vs DS vs DSi vs iPod Touch

    PSP is my Favorite. I actually have owned all of those. I currently have a PSP, DSi, and Touch. I like the PSP the best out of all of them. Then Touch, then DSi.
  3. Knarf

    Homebrew Looking for a PDA type organizer tha works with DSI

    Unfortunately DS Organize is the only one I've ever heard of. It's possible that once the DSi mode get's cracked it'll inspire coders to create a PDA type app that can take advantage of the Bonus specs of the DSi.
  4. Knarf

    Homebrew My 3rd question I think?

    Some games don't work with cheats. Example would be Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Stories. I guess you need to wait for either a patch, or a firmware update. I personally use akaio as it's best, and I found compatibility of cheats is better.
  5. Knarf

    Hacking My Acekard 2i isn't reading my MicroSDHC card.

    Do you have access to another Micro SD? If you do try that and see if it works. Also if you think it might be the MicroSD tell DX and I'm almost 100% sure they will send you a new one.
  6. Knarf

    Hardware Best place to buy a GBM

    Ummm... check ebay auctions. I see them go for $70 - $80. I myself have a really beat up one (Works great though) that I had gotten for $15 on another forum.
  7. Knarf

    Hacking DSi Nintendo FW 1.4

    I did what anaxs did, and it worked. Thankfully I still have my November 2004 Phatty.
  8. Knarf

    Hacking My Acekard 2i isn't reading my MicroSDHC card.

    If I were you I'd format the Card on your pc, and change the firmware of the acekard 2i to AKAIO. See if it helps.
  9. Knarf

    Hacking My Acekard 2i isn't reading my MicroSDHC card.

    I agree, use AKAIO 1.5 I never tried the original Acekard firmware with my SDHC
  10. Knarf

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii release date

    This and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are going to be the reason my Wallet is empty! Can't wait!!!
  11. Knarf

    Hacking My Acekard 2i isn't reading my MicroSDHC card.

    Hmm... Try formatting it the normal way on your pc and see if it works. Do a full format not a quick one. I bought my acekard 2i from DX. I don't know if this issue is with your card though. I have a 16GB Sandisk in my Acekard, and I've had no problems in the 2 weeks I've been using it...
  12. Knarf

    ROM Hack Mario And Sonic At The Olymíc Winter Games (U) [4274] Fix Patch

    This was already posted on GBATEMPs download page...
  13. Knarf

    Hacking Got a great deal on Acekard 2i - New & need help.

    I got mine for $6 from DX as a replacement because the person was nice.
  14. Knarf

    Hacking AKAIO problem

    Yeah I have the same problem. Not a big deal really.
  15. Knarf

    Hacking R.I.P Acekard 2i

    Glad you got it working again. I love my AK2i.
  16. Knarf

    Gaming Mario and sonic at the olympic winter games

    I have yet to try adventure mode... but look forward to it.
  17. Knarf

    Homebrew Wii64 RELEASED!

    If they can get Banjo Tooie to work without the who background to be white I'll be happy. I'm glad Banjo Kazooie works. If they can get it full speed I'll be happy.
  18. Knarf

    Homebrew Convert PJ64 save to Wii64 save

    I'd also like to know. I want to use it with my Banjo Kazooie save.
  19. Knarf

    Gaming Mario and sonic at the olympic winter games

    I love this game so far. The Dream advents are awesome. There very very similar to Mario Kart. So far my favorite is Dream Snowboarding.
  20. Knarf

    DS #4262: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (USA)

    I'll definitely try this out. Looked good in Nintendo Power. Edit: Doesn't work on AKAIO 1.5 Acekard 2i. Think there will be a patch?
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