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    Hacking New Xbox, no idea where to start, a few questions

    I just got a new Xbox 360 and would like to hack it. But I have absolutely no idea where to start and I can't find a tutorial that starts form the beginning (All seem to assume you know a lot already). Help with this would be nice So questions: -Are all Xboxes hackable? -If not, how can I check...
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    Hardware Has anyone had any luck getting Nintendo to replace thier 3DS?

    My launch day 3DS, now that I'm actually playing it, is suffering the bottom screen scratching the top screen issue. Will Nintendo replace it?
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    Apple Is is possible to unjailbreak an iphone..from an iphone?

    Okay, so I've ran into a problem with my iPhone and I'm heading to the genius bar to get it fixed tomorrow. Naturally I'm going to want my phone unjailbroken first so they don't give me crap about how it voids the warranty. The dilemma is that the problem I speak of is that the phone can't...
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    Hardware Private Torrent Trackers

    GBATemp, I need your help. Please provide me with an article that talks about why it is safer to download from private trackers. Safer as in, not getting letters sent to your house about copyright infringement
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    Quick question about installing a new graphics card

    Do i install the drivers before or after inserting the card?
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    Hacking Something that REALLY bothers me about the AK2i and 3DS

    Okay so i picked up my 3DS today and, even though I was scared, I decided to bite the bullet and update my AK2i. It worked fine (After being bricked initially which scared the crap out of me), but something REALLY bothered me. When I booted up the card in my 3DS, the blue LED light flashed. This...
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    Hardware Vindictus slower after install of new PSU?

    The game never ran amazing, but it ran surprisingly smoothly if i put it on everything lowest settings. But I just installed a new 500w Cooler Master PSU (old one was a 200w generic) and it seems to run slower and lag more. I know I'm not imagining it. Here's the only thing I can think of that...
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    Gaming Uh, should I be worried?

    Hey everyone. I just installed a new PSU and everything went fine. But when I turned the computer on, I got a notice that Windows failed to start and that I could either start windows recovery or start windows normally. I started it normally and everything seems to be working, but I'm kind of...
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    Hardware Replacing computer parts

    Hello everyone, I've just ordered a new power supply and this is going to be my first time replacing a computer part. I need to know: 1. What do I need to know? 2. What do I need to do to avoid frying anything? 3. I'm hearing a lot of people saying that I need to wear an anti-static wrist strap...
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    Gaming Check PSU wattage?

    Does anyone know how to check the wattage of my PSU? I read that I was going to need to buy a new PSU if I want a new graphics card and I want to confirm this before I buy one.
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    Apple iBooks problem

    Hello, I will be upgrading to an iPhone 4 soon, and it'll probably come with 4.2.1. I haven't been following the JB scene very closely, but i've heard there's some kind of "iBooks problem". What is this problem and what can I do to avoid it? thanks
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    Hacking Good news for hackers

    According to GoNintendo, "automatic system updates and software downloads through SpotPass will be made available later at the time of the system updates" This means if you get a 3DS at launch you won't have to update. Perfect source
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    Hacking Hacking method

    How do you think the 3DS will be hacked? With a flashcard like the DS/i? With an SD card exploit like Bannerbomb for Wii? Maybe a pandora-esque method? Discuss! I personally would like to see an SD card exploit because each 3DS comes with one so no one has to buy anything.
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    Hardware Nintendo, I just fixed your latest handheld

    You can thank me later. Discuss.
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    Just got a letter from my ISP

    Warning me to stop downloading copyrighted content. And that's it. It's over. No more Wii games, no more DS Games, no more PSP games, no more movies, it's all fucking over. My parents will not reason with me, they've made it pretty clear that I can't download anything. At all. Ever again. I'm...
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    Gaming War of the Lions slowdown

    First, how bad is the slowdown is this game? I keep hearing mixed things. How was it for you, if you've played it? Second, would running the game from a memory stick possibly reduce the slowdown? I ask because I want to play this game but if the slowdown is that bad i might just wait for the iOS...
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    Gaming ISO/CSO save data?

    I've played through a bit of a game using an ISO and just discovered that I could compress it to a CSO. If i did, would my ISO save data be compatible? Would I have to convert it or something? Also does it really slow the game down that much?
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    Gaming gPSP won't start?

    Hi, I put the GPSP and GPSP% folders in GAME150 and GPSP won't start, i get error 8002014C. Also my PSP thinks one of the eboots is corrupted. I'm running 5.50 GEND3 with Prome4
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    Gaming Is this a reputable place to by Pandora Battery/MMS? And will ^that work with my 2001 on 6.31?
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    Apple Use iPhone as bluetooth adapter?

    I know it's possible to use your wiimote as a joypad in certain games if your computer can connect to bluetooth. Mine cannot and i don't want to buy a bluetooth adapter. But i was thinking, my iPhone can connect to bluetooth, is it possible to use it as an adapter somehow?
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