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  1. Ben_j

    Emulation IodineGBA, a javascript GBA emulator

    I've just seen on github that the guy who did the (excellent) GameBoy Color JavaScript emulator is now working on a GBA emulator. It's not testable yet but you can still look around in the sources here According to grantgalitz the project is close to being...
  2. Ben_j

    PS1/2 Best AV Cable for Playstation One ?

    Are there any cables better than the standard AV Cable for the first Playstation ?
  3. Ben_j

    Gaming Black Sun. Kill nazi aliens !

    Here's a preview of our first 3D game, fully developed with Minko, our flash 3D engine. It it still a technical preview, so all you can do for the moment is walking around and look at the level design. Blogpost, more information ...
  4. Ben_j

    Gaming GBA Ambassador Games out in Europe apparently

    The 10 games just popped on my eShop :)
  5. Ben_j

    Just finished Arkham City

    It only took me 3 or 4 game sessions to complete the main storyline. When I completed it I was like "what ? already ? But when I started playing, I was only at 15% or so of the game ?". But when I think about it, I played something like 5 hours each time, so it really took me 15 to 20 hours to...
  6. Ben_j

    Gaming Batman Arkham City made my computer cry

    The day has come ! Batman Arkham City is the first game that made my computer show its limits. Like with every other game, I maxxed everything and assumed it would run fine, but I get an average of 18fps. I lowered some stuff in the parameters and still only gets an average of 30fps with major...
  7. Ben_j

    Gaming Mario Kart 7... Uh.... Where's the 3D ?

    I've just got Mario Kart 7, and one thing is striking me : the 3D effect is close to inexistant... What is the use of putting a slider to deactivate 3D if there is no 3D at all ?
  8. Ben_j

    Gaming GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas w/ 360 controller ?

    I just got all of the GTAs for 10€ on Steam. I felt nostalgic and wanted to play GTA 3. Big problem : the Xbox 360 controller does not fully work with it. The sticks are not recognized at all... Same goes for the two following titles. Is there a solution to that problem ?
  9. Ben_j

    Gaming F1 2011 tricky Anti-Piracy measures ?

    I pre ordered F1 2011 but it will only come in two days. I wanted to try it right away so just got the game from my favourite tracker (dont ask for any name/link...). After a few laps, it strikes me that either : A) they drastically changed the handling and made it muuuuch more trickier to...
  10. Ben_j

    iPhone/Android remote game controller

    This is an example of use for the technology developed by the company I am working for. Basically it allows any device to communicate with other devices. In this case, you can play a flash platformer game with an Android phone as the controller You...
  11. Ben_j

    Gaming Limbo available on Steam today

    Limbo was one of the few games that made me envious of a console, but today it's finally available on Steam ! I think I'll buy it in a few days, the demo was great !
  12. Ben_j

    Playing Assassin's Creed after playing AC2 and Brotherhood

    So, with the Steam summer sales, I got all 3 Assassin's Creed for under 30€. It was the occasion for me to finally pay for two games that I extensively played in the last two years (AC2 and Brotherhood), and discover the multiplayer of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. But it's also the occasion to...
  13. Ben_j

    Homebrew DS Duck Hunt

    I started making a clone of Duck Hunt on the DS Not sure where this is going, but I was bored this afternoon so...
  14. Ben_j

    Gaming 3DS Duck hunt. How cool would that be !

    Reading the news about 3D Classics being a pain in the ass to port, I just thought about how Duck Hunt could be ported to 3DS. They could just add depth between layers, and use the gyroscope for aiming the ducks. That gameplay could be great, and I would definitely buy it !
  15. Ben_j


    I has it. I knew I would pass, but I didn't expect to have a perfect score ! I had 990/990
  16. Ben_j

    ROM Hack Pokémon Black/White L=A hack ?

    the L=A option was great ! Why did they remove it ? Is there a hack to have it back ?
  17. Ben_j

    Gaming Pilotwings Resort : 3 golden rings missing

    I have completed everything on Pilotwings Resort. BUT... I still need 3 golden rings, that I can't find anywhere. Any idea where they could be ? In a cave ? On the sea ? Any rings you had a hard time finding ?
  18. Ben_j

    Homebrew MIDIControl DS v2 (DS Entry)

    EDIT : Finally the final version is available ! You can download it here on FileTrip : There is a comprehensive (I think) manual inside, to explain how to use it. Here are a few screenshots: I'll be in the competition with my new version of...
  19. Ben_j

    Homebrew Backgrounds with extended palette ?

    I'm using extended palettes for my sprites, and I'd like to use different backgrounds with different palettes as well. The problem is I didn't find anything to tell the background what palette to use. Here's what I did so far : CODEvramSetBankH(VRAM_H_LCD); dmaCopy(alphabgPal...
  20. Ben_j

    Hacking SCDS2 GBA emulation on 3DS

    So it's working, as expected ^^ Although, it's frustrating that the game only takes half of the screen. Since the top 3DS screen has the same proportions as the GBA one, having the GBA filling the full screen would be great ! I guess we'll just have to wait til the 3DS gets fully hacked.
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