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    Homebrew Is there a way to tap into the full horsepower of the new 3ds to run NDA games better

    from what I understand the ds and dsi use arm9 while the 3ds used arm 11 and of course has a lot more horsepower than either ds model problem with a when running NDs games from twilight menu or any other solution at best it can use the dsi level horsepower and can’t actually use the 3ds...
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    Hacking Unknown pkg1 version. Failed to launch HOS

    ive been getting this error when trying to boot into my hekate emummc after updating my emmummc with daybreak to the latest version did my card get broken cause ive been trying to fix it all day or is there something I can do?
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    Hardware the newest update leaves my 3ds with a black screen

    is my system bricked? after downloading the newest update it never does the restart thing it usually does after finishing the download so I had to power it off and now when i turn it back on the screen stays black someone please help
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    Hardware is your switch supposed to get hot with custom firmware and seem to not charge in the dock?

    ever since I installed tesla it seems my switch is constantly getting hot even when I make sure sys-clk is off and more importantly even when I put the switch in the dock to charge even when its at like 95% it will be dead when I go to take it out of the dock. Did I break it?
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    Hacking Where to start to find vulnerabilities in ps4

    What’s the best way to find either hardware based ps4 vulnerabilities or playstation network ones. Is there some kind of software I have to use. Can you find vulnerabilities through firmware?
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    Hacking How do you install nsp and xcis from google drive with awoo installer

    I saw on awooo installer you have the option to install nsps from google drive and I wanted to do it since I cant install lets go from my sd card since its fat32 formatted. yet every time I enter the file id it gives a ncff installation error what am I doing wrong?
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    Hacking Can you restore the emummc nand to a new sd card as separated parts instead of as a rawnand

    Im trying to migrate my emummc from my 64gb card to my 256 gb card so I backed up the emummc as 2gb partials and I would like to restore this backup on my new sd card and have everything be the same on it. I am seeing though that you need to actually use a joiner script to combine it into a...
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    Hacking Atmosphere boot screen goes black after updating firmware with choidujournx

    I knew I should have stayed away from this app after updating with choidujournx when I inject a payload and go to launch cfw emmucu it brings up the sept by atmosphere screen then goes black
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    ROM Hack Is there something like nitroexplorer 3 for gba games

    I want an all in one sprite extractor and reinsertor like how nitroexplorer 3 is for gba games Im running into a lot of bugs on fire red omega cause of the changed sprites
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    ROM Hack Xdelta giving me major problems patching these 2 games Everytime im trying to patch either of these games no matter what the rom is or the patcher its giving me this error "An error has occurred...
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    Hardware What exactly is the issue here and how where would I even start to fix it?

    When I turn it on this is all that happens I can get the blue light up so im unsure why it stays black
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    Homebrew How do you setup widescreen on nds forwarders for the new 3ds xl?

    When I play my nds games from the 3ds they seem squished and washed out and I heard theres a way to make it bigger without stretching the pixels how would I go about doing it?
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    Homebrew Question What exactly do I need to get melonds and desmume up and running

    I was ecstatic to see they had these emulators for switch but it just says no file directory when I open up the app am I doing something wrong?
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    ROM Hack how do you get rom hacks and graphical mods to work in atmosphere

    I cant seem to get either of these things to work
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    ROM Hack sacred sword trainer edits

    kobazcos sacred sword isnt displaying any trainer edits what am I doing wrong?
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    ROM Hack Sacred sword isnt showing the edited trainers

    Im not getting any responses in the main thread so I will ask here I got the sacred sword rom hack files inside the content and everything else like the title screen and made by kobazco as well as changed meny show up but the trainers arent edited I know cause the first one still has skovet...
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    Homebrew Cant get sacred sword to load up

    Cant get this rom hack to load up I copied the renamed title id folder to the content section of my atmosphere folder but it still doesnt work
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    Hi im new and I think I bricked my switch on the last step of hacking it

    I found a very good tutorial online and I was getting to the last section but then it happened at the 14:24 mark when asked to make an sd partition it failed and even though I know what to do fix it now I was to impatient at the time and instead did the other option which is sd file after it...
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