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    ACNL crashing on start

    Hello everyone, so I haven't touched my 3ds in a while, but now I have an issue I didn't have before: If I try to start up Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it crashes while its starting. Sometimes it crashes while that train icon is displayed in the bottom right corner, sometimes right away when that...
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    Apple Iphone 6 not starting.

    So, I am not sure if this fits on this site, but I don't know any other platform for that. So, I've got an Iphone 6 from my Grandfather, and it doesn't start anymore. It does absolutely nothing, and when I connect it to a Powersource via Cable (dont know how to say that in english) after a few...
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    ROM Hack Luma 3gx Plugins

    Hello Everyone! So I've got an N3ds with CFW, and wondered if there are Programs to actually edit Luma 3gx Plugins, like for adding/removing/editing codes. The only thing I found online was the 3gxtool by Nanquitas, and that doesn't start at my PC and its DC Server is down, so does anyone of you...
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    Hardware Riivolution Wii Mini

    So I recently homebrewed my wii mini with bluebomb, and wanted to use Riivolution to play with some mods. But Riivolution says that the cios has do be downgraded to cios37, and asks if it should do it now. The problem is that this requires Internet, and the mini hasn't got that. So can I...
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    Hacking Wii Mini Cheat Codes

    So, I recently stumbled over the fact that after years the Wii Mini could be hacked through bluetooth. I now hacked my Wii Mini, and I have one question: is it real that you can't use cheat codes on the Mini because Gecko OS only loads them from the SD and the Mini hasn't got an SD Card Slot...
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    Weird screen on TV

    Hey guys, so, i'm not sure if "books, music, tv and movies means what i'm thinking, but here's my thing: A couple of months ago, I had a blue screen for a couple of seconds while I was watching TV (on Sat.1), which didn't seem to crazy to me since it just looked like an normal technical error...
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    Hardware Laptop making weird noise

    Hello everybody, I'm not sure if this is the right category for this, but I didn't know where else ‍♂️. So, I've got a Lenovo Ideapad 320 Laptop with Windows 10 on it, and I've never modded something on it. Today, I was editing an image with Gimp (ca. 2650x 1900) and when im moving around an...
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    Gaming No Man's Sky Beyond Farming Planets

    Hello everyone, I wonder if there are Public bases with Farms for stuff like rare Items or some valuable things in No Man's Sky (Beyond) for Playstation 4 :yayps3:, and if so, if the glyph sequences for these planets are known. Thx in advance!
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    Gaming Minecraft PS4 - Villager opens IRONdoor a moment after it closed?

    Hey there, I have got Minecraft for PS4 on Version 2.06, and in my Village, sometimes when I opened an Iron-door and passed it, a Villager re-opens it a second after it closed, and then, sometimes the door closes after a few seconds, and sometimes it stays open. How??
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    Gaming ACNL Mods

    Hey there (Sorry if this isn´t the right category for that, I´m not sure) I´ve got a question about modding Animal Crossing: New Leaf, to be more specific, about editing/replacing the songs from K.K. Slider. I know how to mod 3ds games with luma, but I DON´T know where the Audio file with the...
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    Hardware N3ds XL System Format doesn´t work

    Hey there, I have got an CFW 3ds on 11.13 with Luma installed, and when I go to system settins and start a system format, I get an error and the system format cancelles. Why doesn´t it work and how can I fix it? Stay Healthy!
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    Gaming Animal Crossing: New Leaf Country IDs

    Hey there! I have got a question about ACNL (with Vapecord Plugin). In the plugin, there is a Island-Country-Spoofer where I have to type in the ID of the country I want to get to. My question: Where to get the IDs?
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    Misc Nintendo doesn`t work anymore

    Hey! My N3ds with CFW was bricked and I made a CTR-Transfer. Now I have new nnid and the public localfriendcodeseed_b from the internet on the 3ds. I can play online and do everything like before, but when I try to boot the eshop, I get this error on the bottom screen: An error occurred...
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    Homebrew Boot .3dsx files with GM9?

    Is there a way to boot .3dsx files using Godmode9?
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    Hacking 3ds CTRTransfer doesn´t work

    Hey there, I have softbricked my 3ds, and after little problems with starting GodMode9 (you can read it here), I tried to do a CTRtransfer following this tutorial. But when it was done and I tried to boot Luma and the homemenu, it says: An exception occurred Processor: ARM9 Exception type...
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    Hacking I need a EmuNand

    Hey there, I have got a little problem with my CFW 3ds. I don´t want to explain it here, I only have one question: Can anyone send me a finished EmuNand for a 3ds? I´m asking because I´m not able to use the Multinand tool, and I havn´t got any other ideas.
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    Hacking CFW 3ds no longer booting!

    Hey, Ich habe ein Problem mit meinem 3ds. Wie es passiert ist ist schwer zu erklären, wichtig ist: Der CTRNand ist leer, Luma ist in FIRM0 installiert, und wenn ich Booten will, kommt eine Fehlermeldung, "unable to Mount CTRNAND vor CTRNAND FIRM." Was soll ich jetzt machen???
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