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  1. LyfeOnEdge

    ROM Hack custom-install gui - Install CIAs to a Nintendo 3DS SD card from PC

    I did not write the original install script, I only wrote the gui wrapper. Based on the script by @ihaveamac found here: What is it? A gui for that makes the process of...
  2. LyfeOnEdge

    Homebrew RELEASE Appstore Workbench - A fast, cross-platform desktop homebrew multitool for Nintendo Switch, WiiU, Wi

    Appstore Workbench Appstore Workbench began as an attempt to provide a desktop alternative to 4TU's Homebrew Appstore, but moved to using a plugin system to provide more tools than just homebrew management, serving as a basis to several projects that would otherwise not warrant a gui...
  3. LyfeOnEdge

    Homebrew WIP appstore-workbench

    What is it? A cross-platform desktop Nintendo Switch multi-tool for managing apps installed with the HBAS (Homebrew Appstore). All apps are pulled from the official HBAS Team/4TU servers. The primary goal here is to allow users to package-manage their homebrew easily and with version-tracking...
  4. LyfeOnEdge

    Homebrew RELEASE HBUpdater - A one-stop-shop for keeping CFWs, Homebrew up-to-date.

    Status: Not broken in v8 :evil: What is it? A cross-platform desktop Nintendo Switch multi-tool for managing homebrew and CFWs, injecting payloads, and installing Switch game backups. It is written in python and works on Windows/Mac/Linux. Currently offering 50+ homebrew projects in various...
  5. LyfeOnEdge

    ROM Hack RELEASE FFX OP Save for those who just want to enjoy the story.

    Spent about two hours looking and couldn't find a working hacked save, friend wanted save for the switch since it doesn't have cheats in this port, enjoy. Import it with checkpoint, this is an edited version of...
  6. LyfeOnEdge

    Homebrew WIP HBUpdater Prerelease

    UPDATE: Release 0.8 is now available, this includes an alpha CFW manager. DO NOT USE THE CFW MANAGER ON SD CARDS YOU CARE ABOUT YET. IT IS STILL IN TESTING. UPDATE: Release 0.7 is now available, this includes a tool for installing pynx scripts via github, improved image scaling with the optional...
  7. LyfeOnEdge

    Homebrew RELEASE CFWsetup All-in-One Python App

    Exciting news! All switch content is now downloaded on the fly when needed using the github api! Future plans include tooltips for everything. What is it? So some backstory: I was inspired by a certain member of the switch hacking community to provide a super-simple program to...
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