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  1. AKA-Link77

    Hardware Are IPS bottom screens extinct!? [for N3DSXL]

    You guys have no idea how much of a pain this journey is to find an IPS bottom screen! I have been at it for 3 weeks! And nothing! All I have been doing is: Buying;then returning, then buying again, then returning again! And sometimes when I go the next time, I unknowingly buy the same one I...
  2. AKA-Link77

    ROM Hack Nintendo secretly locks back door. (Another Update Nag) 2/1/16

    I didn't see a thread about this, but anyways... I've been peacefully playing and enjoying most of online with my 10.1.0-27 N3DS but all of a sudden (on 2/1/16) I noticed that I couldn't play MK7 online. That was the first time in ages I receive that error (Update Notice). Not only are games...
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