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    Hacking "Compressed" Iso's

    What does this mean. I went to a website and it says most of the games are compressed. Do I have to anything special to these compressed games? And no, i'm not talking about the .rar files lmao. I may be nub but not that. On a side note, how do I get Wii Sports Resort to work???? Thanks peeps.
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    Hacking A couple of things...

    So I got a used Wii and found out it has a Wii Key 1 in it. First off, i'd like to know what ya'll think of this chip. Any good? Reliable? Next, I would like to know if there is a site where I can see what games work with the Wii Key and which do not. Basically a compatability list of sorts. I...
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    Gaming Black lines on screen?

    Ok, so I just got a used Wii and I hooked it up. The thing works great there is just one thing. On the main screen and in Wii Sports, there are random black lines that appear in the screen. They flicker and are at random places. It's quite annoying actually. I tried my Wii on a tube tv and on my...
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    Gaming Just bought a used Wii...

    ...and I wanted to know a few things. Is there a way to reset my Wii Friend Code? (I don't think so but I thought I'd ask anyways). If I can't, will the previous owners friends be able to see when i'm online and send me messages? Also, the previous owner never deleted his Wii Shop account. He...
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    Hacking Difference between Softmod and Hard modded?

    Just asking. How do I check? Sounds a little stupid but i'm a noob lol.
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    Hacking Just bought a Wii and possibly modded.... (HELP)

    Ok, so long story short. The girl at work (who doesn't know anything about gaming and is kinda dumb) decided she wanted to get rid of her wii for really cheap. 50$ I bought it. It's plugged, it works great. One thing, she bought it from one someone else and when she bought it she got some burnt...
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    Hacking .sav files

    Quick question, if I am going from an R4 to an Acekard, can I use the same .sav files or do I have to convert them somehow?
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    Hacking In the market

    OK, so i'm in the market for a new flash cart. My R4 is working great so far and have had no problems. My sister just got a DS and she also needs a flash card. She is not a techy so she needs something that is extremely easy to use, not expensive, and that has a high compatibility. Now...
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    Hacking R4 Clones

    So i've been looking for a new R4 and dealextreme and gameyeeeah both have em for pretty cheap. Obviously these are the clones. What is the difference between the clones and the original? Will they still perform great with the DS games? How about firmware update? Can I use the ones from the...
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    Hacking R4 from gameyeeeah?

    OK, I used to buy from this site about a year ago. My R4 back then cost me about 50$ with a 1 gig card. Now, I am trying to buy one without any microSD cards and the price is about 12$ Is this right? Have the prices dropped that much on these things? This is the product I will be buying...
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    Hacking As of right now....

    As of right now, are there any games that will not work on any flash carts? My friend was talking and he said something like the game developers are "cracking down" and they are now creating games that will not work with flash carts. Is this true? Are there any games as of right now that don't...
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    Hacking Arm7 or something like that??

    Hi guys, I have been completely out of the loop with all this flash cart stuff for the last few months. I have been super busy with school. And to think, I used to be crazy into this stuff about a year back... Anyways, I have downloaded a few games and I have been getting the "save game" problem...
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    Gaming Where are all the (USA) games?

    In the last 100 releases or more, approximately 5 have been from the USA region. How come releases are coming less and less. I remember e used to get at least 2 - 3 releases a week. Anyone know what's up?
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    Hacking R4 out of stock everywhere...

    Gameyeeeah and are all out of stock of the R4. Anyone have any clue if they will ever get anymore? Gameyeeeah is taking pre-orders but they have been out of stock for over 2 weeks now. Anyone hear any news? Also, would the DSTT be a suitable replacement? I sell R4's and I still...
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    Hacking Gameyeeeah down?

    I am the only one receiving the message: Unable to connect to database server!
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    Hacking So are these things actually...

    Be it the R4, M3, DSTT, Supercard, etc...? Are they legal? I live in Canada so I would imagine it is the same like in the States. Does anyone actually have the info i'm looking for? What doesn't make it illegal to own and use flashcarts?
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    Hacking Good place for R4?

    Hey guys, I need a place where I can buy R4 + 1gb cards. I have bought from volumerate before and their prices were good but they are no longer selling R4's because they are on back order. I also just received my shipment from gameyeeeah a few minutes ago .... after 1 month and a half.... This...
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    Hacking Gameyeeeah Shipping?

    Hi guys, I need to aroder about 6-7 R4DS w/ 1gig cards from GameYeeeeah. Anyone know if they are on back order from them too? I used to order them from volumerate but their site says they are no longer taking orders because of quantity issues. Also, how long does shipping take considering I...
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    Hacking Mario Party Freeze

    My game has frozen 3 times after I beat the piranha plant. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    Hacking Homebrew on R4?

    So i'm a homebrew n00b. I've never used a homebrew app before. So my question, what do I need to do to make it work on my R4? I would want to use DSO. Do I need to install some type of firmware or software before using it? What is this Moonshell thing. Yes, yes, I know i'm a damn n00b when it...
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