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    iQue game dumps, courtesy of SUXXORS

    So, we just found out a few minutes ago that a group, somewhere, managed to dump and decrypt Star Fox 64 on the iQue Player. So: We have at least one decrypted game, with possibly more to follow They released some keys as well, so the iQueBrew 'team' can get to work on decrypting the iQue...
  2. J

    So I made a thing... Flash. So if you're allergic to Flash, especially ActionScript 2.0, please leave now. So this is a project that I've been working on for a while now. I'm not really sure whether it's something GBATemp users are particularly interested in, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to post it...
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    Hacking New 3DS XL doesn't boot... sometimes

    Me again, sorry... I finally managed to get a systransfer to work from my older 3DS to my SNES Edition and... yeah, I have a bit of a problem. Not sure why, but if I restore NAND or whatever, the system boots about twice, then fails to boot every time after that. It's just stuck with the blue...
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    Hacking Updating New 3DS XL -> SNES Edition

    Yeah... Slight problem: I want to transfer from my New 3DS XL to my shiny new SNES Edition - but, for some reason, my current 3DS fails to update, from both System Settings and Recovery Menu. I can't systransfer without being on the latest firmware, but I don't want to lose all my savedata. Can...
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    Gaming Super Mario 63 .swf URL to level designer converter

    This will only really be of interest to people who have played SM63 - it's a program I wrote in ProcessingJS (I know, I know, but it's the only language I'm remotely close to good in) to convert URLs (probably only works with .swf files, for example...
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    Hacking Questions about YouTube and Crunchyroll

    1. Would the semi-WIP crunchyrollhax work from the YouTube app? That would make it really easy to host the MP4. 2. Can you upload to crunchyroll? If so, people can just reupload the kexploit MP4 if it's taken down (if that's how crunchyrollhax would work, I don't actually know)
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    First, some backstory. Now for the actual purpose of this thread.
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    Gaming Help with OOT 3D Sound

    I managed to find out what I needed, via a MIDI rip from the original game. My completed 'arrangement' can be found at However, if anybody knows of a better soundfont in which the glockenspiel sounds better, please let me know.
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    Homebrew DeSmuME/BizHawk help

    Does anybody have the LibRetro core for DeSmuME that will work with BizHawk? TASVideos said they had posted a fix for it crashing to GitHub but I can't get the source code to compile. If you're wondering, I want this because I find TAStudio much easier to work with than savestates+frame advance
  10. J

    Hacking Question Web Applet crash

    By sitting on the ProxSwitch GBATemp page (and probably doing something else, I can't remember what) I managed to get my Switch into a state where it wouldn't respond to input, even in Quick Settings or the Power Settings menu. And I literally mean NO INPUT. It probably isn't, but this could be...
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    Hacking Suggestion Downloading Switch updates on PC for hacking purposes

    By spoofing your user agent to the Switch's web applet, you can get a computer to connect to Nintendo's update servers for the Switch without the 'connection being reset'. Is anyone able to find out the user agent the updater uses? I can't work out how to. If someone could, it might be possible...
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    NES Mini User Mods

    Seeing as nobody has, as of yet, created a thread from where you can download NES Mini mods (probably due to there not actually being that many), I made this one. If you know where more mods can be found, leave a reply with a link to a (preferably MEGA or GitHub) download and a description of...
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