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  1. Braden_yes

    How do i fix cbhc without hardmodding?

    So I tried changing the font on my Wii U and ever since everytime I autoboot like screen below just becomes a black screen
  2. Braden_yes

    Hacking wii u changing font cbhc brick

    i changed the font on my wii u and now whenever i boot up my wii u after cbhc autoboots it gives me a black screen
  3. Braden_yes

    Hacking Does anyone have a different wara wara plaza?

    I am getting utterly sick and tired of the same Icons of minecraft sonic mario kart mario 3d world splatoon Pokémon smash bros botw mario maker and the homebrew launcher and I just want a brand new warawara plaza with new icons and I also don't want the warawara plaza with all of the consoles I...
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