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  1. podunk1269

    New Halo Looks AWESOME

  2. podunk1269

    the manwich lovin bastard

    has returned, YaY!
  3. podunk1269

    Gaming sonic

    ok i searched and arm7 patched sc:db and it still says save data cannot be accessed on my cyclos evo. Any Ideas?
  4. podunk1269

    samsung instinct

    about to get one, returned the centro. anyone know any site with hacks and shit for it?
  5. podunk1269

    palm centro hacks

    looking on info on it. anyone know any good sites to find hacks for it?
  6. podunk1269

    Rest in peace Chef

    Isaac Hayes has passed By NEKESA MUMBI MOODY, AP Music Writer 1 minute ago With its riveting orchestration, definitive guitar play and signature sensual baritone vocals, Isaac Hayes' theme song for the 1971 movie "Shaft" not only became one of pop music's iconic songs, but also the defining...
  7. podunk1269


  8. podunk1269

    8,500 calories

    an 8,500 calorie manwich, oh my Goddess gluttony is great!!!!
  9. podunk1269

    coolest Tat EVER!!

    Ok my friend Jon got this done today. It is a tat of the loves of his life A manwich and a soft taco with a heart and fireworks that is the fucking shit!!!!
  10. podunk1269

    so if insulting minorites, women, othe relgions and other races is wro

    then why does it make my chucklebox giggle?
  11. podunk1269

    petition to unban Bonemonkey

    Now.... we all know that Bonemonkey crossed the line, this is not a debate about that. We all know not everyone likes Bonemonkey, again not topic about that, start your own thread about that. We all know the memorial thread turn into bashing someone else, my fault I know, but this is not about...
  12. podunk1269

    Hacking injection question

    ok I have searched everywhere, so I obiviously missed it. What is the common key, and where in the hell do i get it do I can inject arom or
  13. podunk1269

    Hacking vc question

    is it possible to get wwe no mercy working by injecting it?
  14. podunk1269

    Hacking new question, yes I hit search first

    And searched this site and others and I have yet to get a 100% straight awnser. The question: Can I play "backup" wii game disks on an unmodded wii I have read: No! Maybe and yes with the TP hack and geckoos and finally: Podunk, you are an idoit with horrible spelling, please kill...
  15. podunk1269

    Hacking n00b shit, need help please

    Ok got a wii with the newest firsmware. I have a Zelda TP I have a 2 gig sd So what i need is a guide to install hacked VC and wii ware please please please help
  16. podunk1269

    dark night, first 5 minutes online enjoy
  17. podunk1269

    alright, it's on now

    Well I worked out shit with the wife and in less than two weeks we move to Richmond, KY. Any tempers in the area near eku?
  18. podunk1269

    Gaming question very n00bish, dont be mean

    after I flash to CF do I still have to use the pandora battery of switch back to the regular one and can I reformat the momory card, or leave the files on the magic memory stick? I am close to getting a psp (I begged the wife!!) and I want to have everything i need first
  19. podunk1269

    Online Jobs Sites

    Ok I am moving to Richmond KY in 17 days and trying to get a jump on finding a job. I already have a resume on Hot Jobs, monster, and snagajob, any other suggestions?
  20. podunk1269

    paid video game testing

    Ok I have been beta testing since Ulitma online. I love doing it, I love gaming. I found, but they want 35USD just to refer you, and all the other offers I have found are fake. so my question is: How does one really get a job, paid, as a video game tester? please...
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