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  1. luffycub

    Help with autorcm

    Hi, I have a switch console. I have the following doubt, it is true that using a jig to enter rcm mode eventually breaks the rail. I just put the console in autorcm to avoid this but my doubt is that I have heard that in autorcm the console spends more battery is it true or false what do you...
  2. luffycub

    Gaming help for extrat saves 3ds

    hello I have a hacked 2ds xl with the latest version of luma when I delete an installed game when extracting saves from games as I identify them in the sd or some program to extract saves Thank you
  3. luffycub

    Hacking help hack new 2ds xl 11.14

    it is reliable to follow this guide with this method: guide: method: installing-boot9strap-(browser) to hack the new 3ds xl with firmware 11.14? thanks
  4. luffycub

    Hacking new 2ds xl hack 11.14.0-46

    hi, i have a new 2ds xl with new firmware 11.14.0-46 how hack this version but its the last version released nintendo note: sorry for my english because i know englisg a little thanks
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