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  1. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    it seems like you are the one that is getting all antsy about this. seems like you didn't get in on the dell xbox 360 elite deal and you are just bitter? =P your quote #1: " All I'm saying that OLDER 360 models contain OLDER DVD drives." your quote #2: "Okay, you MUST have some games you've...
  2. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    oh and also it has been reported by numerous people that once they sent their flashed XBOX 360 w/ RRoD error to M$, they sent it back with the lite-on dvd drive (hence making it impossible to play backups). So your ending statement is wrong as well, as I would not be able to play ANY games...
  3. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    first, I never said the elite listed on contains a Zephyr motherboard. it was only speculation. how the hell would i know the dell elite's have a certain motherboard?? secondly, there are falcon mobos w/ ben-q drives. this is what i am hoping to get. I am actually very hopeful this...
  4. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    lol dude. YOU don't know what you are talking about. Falcon/Jasper/Zephyr are NOT DVD drives. please do some research before hand. In fact, I would actually LOVE to have an older DVD drive because then I can flash them (ben-q drives, etc.). The newer xbox 360's have lite-on DVD DRIVES (I...
  5. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    actually i got in on that =P slickdeals ftw! my only concern is that it is not even a falcon chipset, as the holiday bundle is a little old and might include the old school Zephyr chipsets..... =/ im getting one this weekend because i think my family is getting me one from a local store...
  6. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    im getting the 360 this weekend. im just doing my research.
  7. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    yeah thats what i was referring to... the lite-on dvd drive hack. lets hope it comes! ^^
  8. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    ok kool. lets hope he can make a hacked firmware that DOESN'T use a modchip. i don't want soldering done!
  9. Unchi-san

    Gaming Returning Flashed RRoD 360

    when you return RRoD xbox 360's, ive heard of M$ fixing them and returing them back with new lite-on drives. :/
  10. Unchi-san

    Gaming Any news on the new Jasper chips?

    I know that the new Jasper chips are suppose to come out in August... but I was wondering if anyone has found any info regarding this? I have been reading on other forums and nobody has said anything concrete.
  11. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    i really hope that there will be a fix! In the meantime... I will purchase halo 3 and play it to death haha btw who is c4eva? is he a known hacker? just wondering...
  12. Unchi-san

    Gaming A chip in my Xbox360?

    i was thinking about getting the new 60gb version (hopefully it is a jasper... but dunno). they definitely have the lite-on drives, but i've heard some people are working on getting those to work w/ backups? I'm willing to wait until they do.... haha
  13. Unchi-san

    Gaming Xbox 360 60GB In stores, FOUND!

    anyone know if the new 60gb models have jasper or falcon chips? ive heard that they are falcon chips for now up until they use them all up and then they are switching to jaspers.
  14. Unchi-san

    Gaming iextreme firmware

    do you know if anyone is working on a solution for flashing lite-on drives? Or is it physically impossible to do this? I am looking into getting the 60gb model... and eventually I will want to run backup games on it.... any help would be appreciated!
  15. Unchi-san

    Gaming DS Titles Expected: August 2008

    very nice topic. thanks for the post! keep it up!
  16. Unchi-san

    Anyone feel that quake?

    not funny.
  17. Unchi-san

    DS #2505: The Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (USA)

    lol yup where have you been! its been advertising alot around my area haha.
  18. Unchi-san

    Gaming New to Final Fantasy franchise

    your justification is to start on final fantasy games that don't have many fanboys? what a strange one. Plus you say FF IV and VI are the only two FF games that don't have too many fanboys?
  19. Unchi-san

    To the few of you who care to read

    that's kind of rude how you never seriously considered Urza as a staff member, but you personally asked him to come back to the staff. isn't that basically using someone? :/
  20. Unchi-san

    Gaming New DB gameplay video

    nice! can't wait. 9/18 is the release date in japan. i think it might come to the states! there are quite a few DBZ games that were released here. let's hope so!
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