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  1. Chopders

    Comment by 'Chopders' in 'Help out my class by waching this video!'

    Weird lol. What's the main goal of the contest?
  2. Chopders

    Comment by 'Chopders' in 'People complaining about price of WM+ are pissing me off'

    Hey dudes, I've got a bunch of games for free by downloading them. So I bought almost every Nintendo peripherals; Link's crossbow, Wii fit, Wii motion plus and I'll buy the Vitality sensor even if looks like crap.
  3. Chopders

    Comment by 'Chopders' in 'Quake Live Invites'

    Please, can I have one, oh my dear god!!! :creep: :creep: :creep: :creep: [email protected]
  4. Chopders

    Comment by 'Chopders' in 'Quake Live Invites'

    you are so lucky, I was one excellent Quake III player. If you have one more invite, I'll be please to be in the betatesting part =)
  5. Chopders

    Comment by 'Chopders' in 'My Gold EDGE arrived!//'

    Hey dude, you are on Gonintendo! ^^
  6. Chopders

    Comment by 'Chopders' in 'Is dating supposed to kill your sex drive?'

    I had already lived the same situation as you, but the girl wasn't THAT beautiful out side, maybe that's why. But I don't feel like this now. Like someone said, she will makes the first steps, don't be stress. :wink:
  7. Chopders

    Comment by 'Chopders' in 'A girl problem'

    Get a girlfriend chick from your class... Sorry, but she looks dump ass, heavy drinker with a violent ex. She didn't date anybody since two years now, and everytime she had money, she buys hash and acid. Maybe she looks like an angle, but inside she is another person. You looks like a good...
  8. Chopders

    Scars on Broadway, what is it?

    Scars on Broadway it isn't an other theatre piece on Broadway Street, it's a new band whit the lead guitarist and drummer of System of a Down. Less than one month before their self titled album is available everywhere. I can't describe the taste of music, see by your self :grog...
  9. Chopders

    Chopders's Blog

    Chopders's Blog
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    Chopders's Blog

    Chopders's Blog
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