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    Emulation Sega CD emulation errors

    I have discovered these inexplicable errors when attempting to play various Sega CD games on Kega Fusion on PC and Genesis Plus GX on Wii. When using the Mega CD v1.00 BIOS to play Japan-released games, it always reads as an audio CD. However, when using the v2.00 BIOS, it reads as an actual...
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    Hardware Hacking PS1/2 Cannot load PS1 games from OPL on modded PS2 Slim

    I have a European SCPH-90004 model with Matrix Infinity and FunTuna + FMCB that I want to play PS1 games on. I created a couple VCD files, and along with POPStarter and the most recent daily build of OPL I could find, I added them to a USB thumb drive. After plugging it into my PS2, I moved the...
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