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  1. masenko

    Homebrew help retrieving saves

    i need some help i had to to do a nand restore and none of my games are installed anymore, is there anyway to get my saves back or have i lost all my saves?
  2. masenko

    SNES Playstation Teardown

    part 2 will be Ben Heck trying to fix it.
  3. masenko

    Hacking (help) loading retail cart with rxtool

    hi guys so here my situation, just got triforce heroes in post today and i try to load it in rxtools but it asks for an update, anyway to bypass this? i'm using a n3dsxl eu on 9.0sys with 9.5emu rxtools latest nightly. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. masenko

    Hacking Genplus-gx with wiiu pro controller

    Hi all eke eke has updated genplus-gx to include pro controller support so for all those who wanted it ,here you are
  5. masenko

    Hacking ezflash iv back in stock

    for the people who are still after one realhotstuff has them back in stock, also ebular emailed me saying they got 130 in stock too but they have put price up a bit claiming rarity
  6. masenko

    Gaming Uncarted 3: Drake's Deception

    Just putting this out there AWW YEAHHH!!
  7. masenko

    Hacking Pal region free help

    I need help trying to get some NTSC games running in disk channel on two PAL wii's. They both have waninkoko updated 4.0E, cioscorp v2 and preloader 0.29 and cios rev10 already installed. the problem is the same on both wii's. Whenever i put wii region free hacks on PAL games stop working but...
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