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  1. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking Restored emuMMC backup on sysMMC without realizing

    So, I got a bigger SD card and was on the process of moving the emuMMC from the old SD card to the new... I did the backup of it, made the new partitions on the other SD, copied all the files and when I went to restore, I forgot to select emuMMC and it restored to sysMMC :/ Well, after this...
  2. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking Doubts Regarding having CFW on switch (mostly about emuMMC)

    Hi. I am going to hack my "v1" switch and I've been reading and searching information about it on guides and threads here on GBATemp and I've got some questions that I didn't understand completely. From what I understand, when the process of creating the emuMMC, you get an emuMMC that is an...
  3. ThunderbInazuma

    Hardware How do I know if I can plug my keyboard and mouse to my monitor and it to the USB - C laptop port?

    Hi. I have a Lenovo Legion Y5 that has an HDMI port and an USB C port (and from what I read on the Internet, this port is able to connect the laptop to an external monitor) and I also have an Samsung Smart M5 that has 2 HDMI ports (one is ARC, not sure if that helps me) and two USB A ports...
  4. ThunderbInazuma

    Hardware Can I charge my Nintendo Switch with this Powerbank?

    Hi guys. Can I charge my Switch with this (the voltage and the Adapter itself)?
  5. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking PS3 Not detecting USB

    Hi guys. I'm planning to hack my PS3 and I'm following this guide: It is a Slim one. I'm trying to see if it is true compatible but, however, on the "MVC Firmware Checker" it doesn't detect any USB stick I try to...
  6. ThunderbInazuma

    [HELP] Circuit simulator help - Semaphore

    Hi guys. I'm in the middle of a school project that I need to create, with a simulator called Logisim. What I need to do is to create a semaphore for cars + pedestrians that work as 4 states: State A - Cars Green; Pedestrians Red State B - Cars Yellow; Pedestrians Red State C - Cars Red...
  7. ThunderbInazuma

    Gaming Pokémon USMS Ultra Warp Ride - Circle Pad

    Hi guys. For those who hate to use Motion Controls with the Ultra Warp Ride, go to the GameFreak Office on Akala Island and, on the 2nd floor, talk with the Aether guy. He will let you change that.
  8. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking Rei-Six Kecleon Mode Loader

    Hi guys! I'm trying to compile the Loader of Rei-Six, however, I can't seem to get it working. Would anyone mind to compile it on Kecleon Mode please? Thanks in advance
  9. ThunderbInazuma

    Infernal Weekend at Portugal and Spain

    Hi guys. First, sorry for the big and long text, however I feel like I should let my feelings be free about this tragedy. Also, sorry for the bad English. So, I'm here to talk about the big tragedy that is affecting my country, Portugal and our neighboor, Spain. So, Basically, this weekend...
  10. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking O3DS XL Top Screen "bug"?

    Hi guys. I've been facing an issue on my O3DS XL (Luma latest stable + B9S + SYSNAND only). Basically, sometimes the 3DS boots with the 3D "on" even without the slider being put "up". This already happenned to me back when I had A9LH + SYS+EMUNAND, but only on my Emunand ( that I deleted some...
  11. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking USB Loader GX and Haxchi

    Hi guys. I have a External Hard Disk to use with USB Loader GX games from my Wii times ( now I use it on vWii) with 500GB (FAT32). I also have another External Hard Disk with 1TB that I have encrypted with Veracrypt. I just had one ideia ( I'm having to many ideas today lol). Basically, creating...
  12. ThunderbInazuma

    Hardware Old PC Hard Disk to USB to use with WiiU

    Hi Guys. First, sorry for my bad english. If it is a little misunderstanding, just ask anything. So, I have a "mini-PC" from when I was 8 years old ( This year I'm gonna be 18). Those from Portugal, may remember the "Magalhães" or the "e-Escolinha" project. The one I have is the first version...
  13. ThunderbInazuma

    Happy 2017

    Happy New Year to everyone that is already at 2017 and SOON™ for those who are still on 2016. I hope that 2017 will bring Further improvements to overall life stability.
  14. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking Decrypt9/Hourglass error

    Hello guys. So, I'm trying to make the method that can unban the NNID after being banned due to Pokémon S/M. My friend is trying to make a Nand Backup of his console to be able to, after that, recover it's NNID. However, Decrypt9 and/or Hourglass sais that he doesn't have enough space on the SD...
  15. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking Can't use Freeshop/Ciangel

    Hello guys. So, 2 month's ago, I decided to "leave" That Iso site and start using Freeshop and Ciangel ( what of them I use depends of my mood :-P ). Today, I treid to install Super Mario Maker from both and I couldn't install it. At Ciangel I get the error " Could not install the CIA" and at...
  16. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking Help to not get banned

    Hello guys from GBATemp. So, yesterday, someone said to me that it was already safe to go online with Pokémon S&M. I did it, but today I saw Big N started to ban people from playing online. Truth is that I am not banned, but I'm still feared that I can get banned. I was discussing with some...
  17. ThunderbInazuma

    Windows 10: Memorizing Administration permissions

    Hello guys. At first sorry for my bad English. So, 1 year ago, after "figthing" to many viruses that affected my PC, because I downloaded too many things with them, I decided to setup a Admin account and turning my account a "normal user". With this, I was able to, everytime, some program needs...
  18. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking Using a HDD with USB Loader GX and Native filesystem of WiiU

    Hello Guys. So, recently, some brasilians discovered a way to install some games directly to a HDD connected to the WiiU. I really wan't to try it, but I only have one HDD and is one that I'm using to USB Loader GX on my Wii ( I don't have any of the games that can hack the vWii, so I use the...
  19. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking Question about DSiWare downgrade method

    Hello Guys. So, after reading many times the DSiWare downgrade method tuturial I saw that it says that I can use it using an Emunand on 3DS #1. I have a O3DS with A9LH + Luma with no Emunand. If I create an emunand, is there any problem related to the NNID that I have linked on my Sysnand 3DS...
  20. ThunderbInazuma

    Hacking Some questions about Region Changing

    Hello GBATemp. So, I have a O3DS XL EUR with A9LH (Shadow Nand) and I'm using the latest commit of Luma and I have the latest Firmware version. I want to try the game called Smile Basic, however, I can only found the USA Cia. Since with the latest firmware I need to install the latest update...
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