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  1. OrR

    Gaming I love Multiwinia!

    I've played quite a few real time strategy games but I usually get annoyed by how complex they are. I've never found one that was fun in multiplayer because the other players always had the advantage of knowing the game better than I did. That is, until now. Introversion have finally finished...
  2. OrR

    Direct to internet shows and movies

    Since I have stopped watching TV, I get all my movies from DVDs or the internet these days. There is the obvious possibility to pirate movies but lately there have been some really promising productions directly targeted at the internet. I started with Star Trek fan films such as...
  3. OrR

    I'm a Rice-megatron Expert.

    Anyone get the reference?
  4. OrR

    (NSFW) What

  5. OrR

    The Mother/Pokemon connection

    I haven't played much of the Mother series, in fact I have only played a few hours of the first part. However, in that short time and in what I saw from Mother 3 so far, it heavily reminded me of Pokemon. The kind of realistic style, the start at your home you can come back to, the cities and...
  6. OrR

    Spiderman is from India

  7. OrR

    Weird quote

    This came to me by magic inspiration while mowing the lawn. I kind of like it because it can stand for many things. Does anyone else see meaning in that sentence or is it just my sick imagination?
  8. OrR

    New sig

    Ouendan 2 is out soon so it was time for a new sig...
  9. OrR

    Gaming Request: Pokemon subforum

    You can't find the other topics anymore with all the Pokemon stuff going on! I think it would be a good idea to create a (temporary?) subforum so that people not that interested in Pokemon (do those still exist?) can continue to use this forum...
  10. OrR

    Gaming And the next Shin'en masterpice is called...

    We all know that Shin'en can only make good games so let's begin looking forward to this one: I don't know the crap licence it's based on but who cares? It looks pretty nice. I wonder how the gameplay works... In somewhat related notes, new screenshots...
  11. OrR

    I've got a special number of posts!!!!!!&#

    w00t! Anyone else? Edit: lol, what happened to the topic? It should be "I've got a special number of posts!!!!!!1111". This doesn't make much sense now... Well, it wouldn't make much sense even with the correct topic.
  12. OrR

    Hardware Special Edition GBAtemp Wii

    As you may or may not have seen in the competition thread, I have painted the GBAtemp mascot onto the side of my Wii. She's a beauty, isn't she? I think it turned out really well. Still the same old paint texture I have on my DS but there are some advantages with the Wii: The color doesn't...
  13. OrR

    Nigerian version of the Dead Parrot sketch

    slight technical difficulties, fixed. -mthr
  14. OrR

    ROM Hack Let's make our own Phoenix Wright story!

    deufeufeu has released his first version of a tool to edit the Phoenix Wright script. (See ) This means we can now make our own story! Let's start right now! I've started an index with a roadmap on sinkhead's wiki...
  15. OrR

    Gaming Garfield gameplay video Looking great! Definitely shares some code with Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Harvest Time Hop and Fly. I can't wait!
  16. OrR

    Hacking My Motion Card arrived!

    It's a beauty! Too bad there isn't too much to try it with, yet. Spout is already difficult enough without motion controls, they only make it more confusing... They should probably be inverted... The water drops demo is very impressive and hopefully a good sign of things to come because...
  17. OrR

    Hacking Do you use the Wiimote on your PC, yet?

    This is so awesome... I just played some Half Life 2 and it works perfectly! Here is the easy to modify GlovePIE script I use for pretty much everything. It's got IR pointing (use candles!) and arrow keys mapped to the Nunchuck analog, B and A as left and right mouse buttons as well as every...
  18. OrR

    Digg this! Tell all your ICQ buddies etc to digg this, fast!
  19. OrR

    Yay for custom member titles!

    Just noticed that I could put in a custom member title! So I'm now using it to express my disgust towards every form of religion.
  20. OrR

    Gaming Someone planning to dump Tingle Baloon Fight? I want it! It would be awesome if someone could dump it.
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