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  1. toastytwo

    Hacking Question No game updates without updating console?

    Hi erverybody, i tried to update Kirby and it always nags me to update the console first before the game gets an update... OFW or SXOS CFW / auto when starting the game or manually via menu doesn't make a difference! Took me a while to get exFAT up and running while staying on 4.1.0, don't...
  2. toastytwo

    Hacking Region swapped N3DS ---> play online?

    Hi Guys, i've got a JAP N3DS i swapped to EUR (emunand via Gateway) a year ago. Emunand is 10.4 right now. Can't access the eShop, is there any hope to play some MK7 online? greetings, ToastyTwo
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