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  1. qwertymodo

    Hacking For anybody wondering about transferring from a hacked console

    I have an old Wii capable of bootmii boot2, so I figured I'd take a NAND backup then bite the bullet and run the WiiU transfer. Here are the results, nice and clear for anybody wondering: Transfer did not affect custom channels (including HBC) Transfer did not affect injected VC Transfer did...
  2. qwertymodo

    SNES game freezing almost immediately. Any ideas?

    I recently purchased Secret of Evermore at a pawn shop. When I turn on the console, I see the "Square Presents:" splash screen and then when it fades to black, it just freezes at a black screen. After trying my best to clean the contacts and such (even opened the cartridge and cleaned inside)...
  3. qwertymodo

    Homebrew Working Wii64/WiiSX forwarders :)

    Since the release of the latest betas of Wii64 and WiiSX, I (as well as many of you), have been very frustrated with the fact that they do not work with forwarders. Thanks to giantpune's work with PunEmu, I am happy to present to you Wii64 and WiiSX patched for forwarders, as well as...
  4. qwertymodo

    Gaming How difficult is it to replace the DSL's touch screen P6 connector?

    I recently attempted to replace the touchscreen on my g/f's DSL and in the process I snapped the plastic latch on the P6 connector. I've found replacements online, but how difficult is it to resolder something that small? I know I don't have the ability myself, so is it something that I can...
  5. qwertymodo

    Handmade Link and Zelda costumes

    My gf and I made Link and Zelda costumes for Halloween this year. They turned out pretty awesome (except for the picture of me, but... ) Some close ups
  6. qwertymodo

    Gaming Metroid: Other M is a ripoff

    Ok, so amongst all of the complaints regarding Metroid: Other M, most of them involve the cutscenes/voice acting, and the rest complain about the controls. One thing I have yet to see is someone mention the fact that this game is A TOTAL RIPOFF OF METROID FUSION. Let's see here: In Metroid...
  7. qwertymodo

    Hacking Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Ok, I'm wanting to poke around with some stuff in Metroid Prime: Trilogy a bit, but for what I want to test I need to know, has anyone tested the new IOS reload blocking in cIOSX rev20? Does MP:T work now WITHOUT USING THE ALT DOL METHOD? Can anyone suggest a good loader to run it from (I...
  8. qwertymodo

    Hacking Super Metroid theme for Acekard/Wood

    I looked and looked for a decent Metroid theme for the Acekard/Wood firmware, but couldn't find a single one. So I decided to make one. The coordinates might be slightly off, I actually am using this on an R4 with the Wood firmware, which uses the same skins (however, the images didn't line up...
  9. qwertymodo

    Hacking Wood R.P.G. 3in1+ Patch

    I normally wouldn't double-post like this, but seeing as the Acekard and R4 discussions are in totally separate subforums, and I need input from Acekard users as well, I'm just going to post up the short version here and ask that all discussion take place in the other thread. Basically, I have...
  10. qwertymodo

    Hacking Wood R4 3in1+ Patch

    The Wood R4 firmware includes native support for the EZ Flash 3in1. However, Yellow Wood Goblin does not have the most recent version of the 3in1 (originally called the 3in1+ but now sold as the 3in1, as it has replaced the older version), and he only supports the version that he has. When the...
  11. qwertymodo

    Homebrew Snes9xgx Animated Forwarder

    I really like vibestar's FCEU/Snes9x channels, and MythosXe's VBA channel to match, but with the FCEU channel being animated, it's kind of boring to have the other two not be, so I've started work on an animated banner for the Snes9x channel (as well as replacing the sound loop, it was much too...
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