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  1. andeers

    Hacking Xenoblade X Global Missions Offline?

    Hi! I'm replaying Xenoblade X again, but now without miiverse I cannot get any reward tickets, so I was looking for the most legal way to get them. I know that you can unlock the global missions while being offline on CEMU, like in this video but I couldn't found any mod that does that on the...
  2. andeers

    Gaming GBA splash screen occurs when booting games on EZ-Flash Omega?

    Hi (: When you boot a game from the EZ-Flash Omega menu, do the beatiful GAME BOY Nintendo (with the fancy sound and everything) screen play? I'm looking for a flashcard but I would like it to do it (:
  3. andeers

    Gaming Help buying NSW Online SNES controller

    Hi! I'm from Chile and I'm trying to buy two SNES online controllers (I've got a box on a US address), but when I get to the last step to buy, the page says that my Credit Card is not issued on the US, so I won't let me buy. Is there any way to get a virtual US Credit Card or some other way to...
  4. andeers

    Gaming Help with Xenoblade 2 DLC pleaseee

    Hi! Someone can help me on how to activate "You will know our names" when fighting unique monsters? Already activated "Special music" on options, and have Shulk and Fiora in my team, but it doesn't work for some reason. (I'm using them on Challenge Mode). Thanks in advance!
  5. andeers

    Hardware Joy-con stick acting weird

    Hi everyone! Today I was playing FIFA 18 and suddenly I couldn't move my player in the 'down' direction. Went to the calibration screen and realized that the cursos moves a little up when I move the stick down and hold it that way. I re-calibrated the stick, but it didn't work. What I think is...
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