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  1. Jayammi

    Hacking patched switch where to start?

    ive got one but its banned and i wanted to give this switch to a sibling
  2. Jayammi

    Hacking patched switch where to start?

    guess ima have to wait or find a chip
  3. Jayammi

    Hacking patched switch where to start?

    thanks for the straightforward reply, is there any solderless methods?
  4. Jayammi

    Hacking patched switch where to start?

    so i have a pokemon lets go eevee edition switch, on the latest firmware and when i checked the serial number it states its definitely patched, but is not considered the new model with improved battery. any advice on where to start and the easiest method of getting CFW on my switch. thank you
  5. Jayammi

    'Biomutant' release date announced

    Rocket Raccoon and ratchet fused
  6. Jayammi

    Homebrew Question Bluetooth audio sys module?

    Is there such a module that exists?
  7. Jayammi

    Hacking How far has PS4 CFW come? - Just curious

    6.72 jailbreak released a few days ago but its not stable
  8. Jayammi

    Hacking TX Releases SX OS v3.0.1 Beta with 'Stability Improvements'

    is there a tutorial on here? thanks in advance EDIT: nevermind got it working thanks
  9. Jayammi

    Homebrew RELEASE Tesla - The Nintendo Switch Overlay Menu

    3.0.1 was released today apparently fixing extensions like tesla
  10. Jayammi

    Homebrew RELEASE Tesla - The Nintendo Switch Overlay Menu

    with the new sx os update this should now work, but can someone please tell me where to direct the files to because the menu isnt showing up when i press L + down + right stick
  11. Jayammi

    Star Wars: Squadrons formally announced after leak, reveal trailer to go live next week

    so now we have a game that was a mode in battlefront
  12. Jayammi

    Gaming Final Fantasy VII Remake to ship early in Australia and Europe

    I applaud square enix for this move as i spent £265 on the first class edition hoping i wont miss out on getting it on time
  13. Jayammi

    Hardware Right Joy-Con Not Working

    my console randomly disconnected my controller, when trying to reconnect it the right joy con was unresponsive, the sync button works but when i finally get it on in table top mode and connect it back to the console it becomes unresponsive, i tried my pikachu right joy con and its working fine...
  14. Jayammi

    Hacking Seplugin for switch

    Would love to if it was supported by SX OS
  15. Jayammi

    Hacking Seplugin for switch

    When i had a psp on cfw i remembered a very cool hack that allowed me to play my own music while playing games, any chance a feature like this could come to cfw on switch?
  16. Jayammi

    Devil May Cry 1 will release on the Nintendo Switch this Summer

    Mods may aswel remove my thread i posted hours ago
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