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  1. icebrg5

    Gaming Can multiple profiles use DLC from one nintendo account?

    I have had a nintendo account for awhile now. Everything in my name (username,eshop credit card info,ext....) Just got my two kids ages 12 and 10 a switch for Christmas. I have made both of them accounts on the console that they can use. Now my question is if i sign into the EShop with my...
  2. icebrg5

    Hacking What version is my card?

    On the pcb it says C but if i check in the settings menu on a ds lite it says HW: R4i Gold 3DSb Sys:NDSi 1.45&3DS 6.20-12 I'm trying to get it to work on a 3ds but all i get is the dorasu icon then the error message. I assume its a verison b card and not compatible.It was bought in...
  3. icebrg5

    Homebrew wii2600

    Is there a version of wii2600 that lets you load roms from the usb hard drive instead of the sd card? Link please if there is.
  4. icebrg5

    Hacking Rayman Origins reading disc..... message

    using cfg loader v36 all i get is a screen that says loading disc..... Using cfg loader v36 and latest d2x cios as well Bad rip perhaps?
  5. icebrg5

    Hacking Emulated nand disc channel

    I just used mod mii to setup an emulated nand and use neek2o I installed some wii ware and wv games to the emaulated nand. I switch over to it and everything is fine except for some reason the wii game Carnival Games shows in the disc channel. It even plays to Thing is i do not have any disc...
  6. icebrg5

    Hacking priiloader question

    If you put the block on for block online updates but still have your wii connected through wifi and wii connect on Will you still get the prompts/messages from nintendo about the updates? I would think the answer is yes but then if you actually attempted the update you would get an error...
  7. icebrg5

    Hacking strange priiloader hacks problem

    A guy brings me his wii that was modded by someone else because the disc channel is asking for updates when he puts in guitar hero warriors of rock. I remod the system for him using the guide from this board and updated all his ios files to the ones in the 4.2 mod pack and i also installed all...
  8. icebrg5

    Hacking region change question

    Can a 4.3J wii be region changed to a 4.3U wii and if so what are the necessary steps?
  9. icebrg5

    Hacking Wii shopping channel update ?

    Does the priiloader hack for blocking online updates also apply to the wii shopping channel when it asks for an update?
  10. icebrg5

    Hacking Bricked

    A guy asked me to look at his wii to see what was wrong with it. It booted up to the health screen and thats it.There is no Press A button message or anything. I did the savemiifri trick and it says 4.2USA in the corner. Now from what ive read if you insert an original game that has a higher...
  11. icebrg5

    Hardware mod chip question?

    Will modchips play burnt games that were scrubbed downloads?
  12. icebrg5

    Gaming How many wii games are there?

    Tried looking on google Wikipedia showed results for all 3 regions but not individually so i was wondering.
  13. icebrg5

    Gaming psp slim mod ?

    For the psp slims without the motherboard TA-88 V3 does it matter what firmware it has on it for it to be modded? Basically are all official firmwares hackable on a psp slim? Or is there a certain one that if you update past it you can no longer downgrade to CFW? I thought on the 3000 models...
  14. icebrg5

    Hacking Need R4 Clone firmware

    Does anyone have the firmware from uploaded somewhere else? or suggestions to a firmware that might actually work? The official site downloads will not work. I've tried other firmwares as well as YSmenu and nothing works unless im doing it wrong. All i get is stuck at...
  15. icebrg5

    Hacking what firmware to use?

    Just ordered a R4iSDHC from Which firmware do i use? The one from the website or is there a better one?
  16. icebrg5

    Homebrew How do you burn roms to disc for use with emulators?

    I know the emulators support playing roms from dvd disc but how do you burn them? All it says on wiibrew is (4.7GB max size & ISO 9660 file format) What is ISO 9660 format?
  17. icebrg5

    Gaming 5.50 GEN D emulators

    I'm looking for nes,snes,genesis ext emulators for 5.50 gen d firmware. It's the latest version of GEN D. I did some reading and it looks like not all emulators work on GEN D so can someone direct to me some that do work. Thanks.
  18. icebrg5

    Gaming Psp phat with OFW 6.2

    Got a psp phat with official 6.2 firmware on it. Can it be hacked to install 5.5gen d3 full? I do have a pandora battery already.
  19. icebrg5

    Hacking Game playing wrong opening sound in wiiflow.

    The following game when clicked on in Wiiflow R25 249 plays some mario game music. Whats up with that? RE3ENR WWII Aces
  20. icebrg5

    Hacking Stopping hard drives from going to sleep

    I know this question has been asked before when the loaders first came out but seeing how much progress has been made with them over the last few months i thought maybe this is possible now. Some hard drives have issues with the sleep and spin down settings. For most drives there is...
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