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    Nintendo announces Game Builder Garage, where you can make your own games

    TBH this looks like shit, 3D Models are given, customised sprites look just bad in the 3D world. I remeber the shoot em up Construction kit back on the C64 and Amiga, just from the looks it seems better then this. You really think you can do complex games with this Nintendo software? Dream on.
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    Nintendo files lawsuit against RCM Loader seller, claims piracy is a worsening international problem

    Actually i dont really care about Nintendo. I dont buy anything from em and i also dont buy other consoles aswell. I think that dumping or create images from games is actually good. Many games would have been lost, without thouse ppl that did preserve them. I dont see any real problem with old...
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    NEO: The World Ends With You announced

    Dont know i did try the one on the DS but actually its not my game.
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    Analogue Duo announced, an 'all-in-one NEC video game system' supporting cartridges and CD-ROMs

    Dont know, i got a PAL Turbografx and the Terraonion SSDS3 ( was 212€). So basicly i dont need this thing. For HDMI Devices i got an OSSC for my old consoles, that work pretty good aswell. Other then that i recently did build me a Mister Set up that came me 215€ in total with the two add on...
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    Give-away GBAtemp Retroflag NESPi 4 giveaway (ENDED)

    Oh i would love to get a case.
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    Nintendo files two new lawsuits against TX-related resellers

    Ah well, its the same old story with nintendo. Instead of suing the manufactors, they sue the small shops. The same reason as always, device to play pirated stuff. I wonder where all thouse pirates come from. The mean copyed software. The thing is, no one would copy games if they where cheap...
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    neogeo hw spec and doubts

    Hmm well look at the Intellivision and some games like chess or mindstrike have only few K of data and can actually beat you. As for a better understanding you can go check here:
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    Tell me more about the Shield TV

    I got the very 1st one ( 16GB) i think its around 4 years old now. 1. Geforce now service is free 1st month, after it costs money. Streaming from PC should be free, however i never used that. 2. There is the netflix app installed. You enter your account data and you are ready to go. Cost...
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    Taxes: Justifiable or Too Much?

    Well in Germany we have very high tax and usually only low to medium income ppl pay them. Big income/ companys avoid them and politicans help em while doin nothing against it. Taxes get thrown out of the window for nonsense while infrastructure is goin worse and more worse. Gov spend taxes on...
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    The remaining seven titles for the TurboGrafx-16 mini have been revealed

    Well this thing is way to expensive. Over 100€ and not released in Germany aswell. A controller will be 25€ and the USB hub ( multitab ) is 30€. Then you will get a freaking raspberry like SOC with some games with a nice case for all that money. Nah really im fine with retropie and having the...
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    Reprogramming a N64 repro Cart

    Yes its possible and not even that expensive, if you can solder.
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    TurboGrafx-16 mini gets release date and full games lineup

    Dont know 100$, well i dont think i would spend that much on a Mini System. I think PC Engine is pretty good emulated even on a Raspberry Pi 3. Add a nice retroflag case and your done. You can still buy real hardware and a Super System 3, that will come more money but play every game on real...
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    Dumping N64 and GBA games?

    You can build this cart reader with an Arduino. I did the same and dumped my N64 games and saves plus a few GBA games with it. You can also dump SNES, Megadrive and other systems with adapter with its. Its als capable to write to cheap Repros from china...
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    Intellivision Amico announced, boldly claims that it'll have better 2D graphics than the PS4 or XB1

    Well the Intellivision from the past is more for older people that are 45+. I dont really get what this new thing should be. The Controllers look similar to the old ones. 16 dircetions to go, but then again analoge sticks can do the same or not ? EWhat games will it offer ? The old...
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    Multi-console cartridge dumper

    So i managed to build one now, i just didnt care when i build it. Sourcing the parts was quite easy, its told in the Wiki. For the PCBs, smd parts and PIC i bought them from someone that did order them for himself but had some left because of bulk orders. I also used the clockgen but not the...
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    Hardware Broken HDD?

    Sure if you need it cheap get a HDD. SSDs just save me a lot time and are generally better for gaming. For Storrage i got a 4 bay NAS with WD Red.
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    Hardware Broken HDD?

    Why buy a new HDD ? SSDs are dirt cheap atm. 250GB for 50€ or even cheaper (seeing 240GB for 40€ already) or 500GB for 80€ while 480GB is only 70€. I only buy HDDs for my NAS for mass storage, while my PCs are all SSD only exept my very old one.
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    Nintendo gives more details about its online service, cloud saves get deleted if you cancel your sub

    Mate i dont know what you smokin. The SNES could not play NES Games. The N64 could not play SNES Games, the Gamecobe could not play N64 carts. Well when i think about Wii and Gamecube well, for me the Wii was mainly a gamecube with motion controll and thats it. I cant say anything about Wii U, i...
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    Nintendo gives more details about its online service, cloud saves get deleted if you cancel your sub

    Lol Nintendo, im kinda glad i dont buy anything from them anymore. The Wii was the last console from em ( and i skipped the Gamecube before ) and they could not deliver or offer the games i wanted to play. Nintendo was always only after the money, kept customers pay premium on additional...
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    Apple becomes first publicly traded US company to reach $1 trillion market value

    Isnt Apple the company that sells outdated cheap hardware for extraordanary high prices ? Isnt Apple the company that does avoid paying tax as much as possible while making millions of profit ? Some people think this company is worth something, some other would call em scammers.
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