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    ROM Hack Sonic Mania Plus on Switch 4.1 SX OS Pro

    True that, some game updates wont work neither and you'd have to reinstall the game. Updates require latest FW otherwise the game will just freeze the switch
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Hello, I hacked my switch backed my hand and boot once I inject atmosphere it goes to atmosphere splash screen then screen turns black after ninetendo logo shows up..any idea?my switch is on 4.0.1 and I'm using a 200gb exfat sd card
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    Hacking Switch Informations by serial number - READ THE FIRST POST before asking questions

    No body can tell you as it's in the grey are between safe and patched. Some with 48 were unpatched. I myself have 40047x but don't have access to it so no idea if its patched or not. It's just luck
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