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  1. SwimyGreen

    Emulation Splatoon online giving error message in lobby

    I've checked multiple times to make sure all the files are in the right place, but keep getting connection error 106-0502 when trying to load up the lobby. (106-0502 is supposedly a Transport::ConnectionFailure error according to this). There were two times where it actually let me in and I...
  2. SwimyGreen

    Hacking Can't access user account after messing with Mii data in account.dat

    The other day I was ripping the files needed to play games online on cemu with FTPiiU Everywhere, including the account.dat for my user, which stores your user information in plain text. The account.dat was here: storage_mlc\usr\save\system\act\80000001\account.dat Inside it has a line called...
  3. SwimyGreen

    Hacking CFW Booter black sreeen - Trying to run regionhax with iosuhax

    I have a physical JP version of Breath of the Wild and am trying to run it on a US Wii U. I have Haxchi running on SysNand and have been following these guides to remove the region lock:
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