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  1. Dimensio

    Hacking Question How likely am I to be banned?

    I hope that this is not too stupid a question, but browsing through the forum (including the current survey for banned/unbanned users) has not cured my OCD-induced paranoia. I decided to finally get around to poking around with my Switch yesterday. It was an unmodded 3.0.0 system; I used an...
  2. Dimensio

    Homebrew On 5.5.1. Haxchii installed and working. Any reason not to update?

    I'm using Firmware 5.5.1 (as mentioned in the subject). As soon as 5.5.2 hit I blocked updates in DNS again. However, even then I had Haxchii working and I was accessing the Homebrew launcher through that. Now that a 5.5.2 exploit exists, even if it is a bit less stable, do I have any reason...
  3. Dimensio

    Hacking Question about Devolution in Wii U and GC to CC controller adapter.

    I have been reading up on the Devolution discussion, and mention was made that an adapter allowing a GameCube controller to be used as a Classic Controller via a Wii Remote connection enabled control with greater analog resolution than available using any other supported controller and support...
  4. Dimensio

    Hacking No Progressive Scan option with Devolution on the Wii U?

    I've managed to get three games (thus far) working on my Wii U in Devolution, and I just noticed that none of them prompt me for progressive scan mode when I launch them, even though my vWii is set to 480p output (confirmed via Settings Editor). I do get the prompt on my original Wii console...
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