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  1. Joshwraith

    Gaming Dragon Quest VIII spotpass item for US version ?

    Did anyone has able to receive spotpass item for the US version, I saw Nintendo of Europa announce in twitter that the distribution begins but I don't really know is this apply to America too, I checked but my game said nothing found.
  2. Joshwraith

    Hacking Which reseller is the best to buy a sky3ds+ ?

    I missed the oportunity to install CFW because when I tried to downgrade my system got a softbrick and now I'm at 11.0.33 and I don't want to hardmod my 3ds. So I want to buy a Sky3ds+ but I want a good reliable reseller who send to US, so far I have this two: and...
  3. Joshwraith

    ROM Hack Extract FE:Awakening Language to inject on other rom different region?

    I have FE: A US version but this only comes in English, the EUR version have other language and what I want is to extract the language pack if posible and then inject it on a clean dump from my US version, is posible to do that? And if posible How can I do it ? I already tried the PAL version...
  4. Joshwraith

    Hacking It is safe to play online from Emunand (CFW)?

    I don't know how the cias files works, Are we talking about the same thing like a flashcard in which the public header is the reason behind those people bans, so what about the .cias ? They work different ? This is the main reason why I do not want to use a clone of my sysnand, I was thinking...
  5. Joshwraith

    Hacking Unlink sysnand from emunand but keeping sysnand intact ?

    Hi, I been reading a lot of post but I just ended more confused. I have two situations: The first thing is I want to unlink the sysnand from the emunand but I want to keep the sysnand as is, some people said if I format my emunand while linked to the sysnand this could result in wiping the...
  6. Joshwraith

    Hacking How to Fw. spoof for New games on a N3DS ?

    I have a N3ds which I want to downgrade to 9.2 but currently there no emunand beyond 9.5, How can I firmware spoof or bypass the required fw to games that need 9.9 and above. (example yo-kai watch digital version needs 9.9).? Right now I´m stuck on 10.3 because I do not want to lose the...
  7. Joshwraith

    Gaming Pokemon black & white language?

    Hello. So basically I want to know if the US version of Pokemon (black & white) has other language beside english. I want to know if they have spanish ? Thanks.
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