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  1. opal

    Hacking [OLD] Loadiine backup loader for WiiU 5.3.2 ONLY (NO 5.4 NO 5.5!)

    Does it have to be Super Smash Bros or any game?
  2. opal

    Hacking loadiine - the first backup loader for WiiU

    what if I have wiiu with a FW lower than 5.3.2? Do I have to update to 5.3.2 or the exploit also works on older FW's?
  3. opal

    Hacking List of all Gateway questions (9.2.0-20)

    I haven't used my 3ds (old) in a while and now I want to update my gateway. Now I have emunand 9.2.0, is it safe to update to the GW 3.4 “Ultra” Public BETA so I can also update emumand to 9.9.0? Will I lose anything?
  4. opal

    Hacking Wii U Hacking & Homebrew Discussion

    Could someone enlighten me what we will be able to do with the wiiu once the NWPlayer123's exploit is released?
  5. opal

    ROM Hack 3DS Windows Explorer extension

    It is working but I had to uninstall and install it again. Win 7 64bit
  6. opal

    ROM Hack 3DS Windows Explorer extension

    It is looking great, I will try it in a moment. Thank you :grog:
  7. opal

    Hacking [Release] Shovel Knight,Azure Striker,Mighty Gunvolt,Moon Chronicles -BigBlueBox-

    I need to play Shovel knight but I am on the old emunand and it is not working :(. Could someone tell me please if it is ok to update the emunand now? Is it safe? I didn't follow the emunand thing for a while...
  8. opal

    Homebrew Post Homebrew ideas, suggestion, requests here

    Ps4 and x1 emulator :ph34r:
  9. opal

    Hacking Wii U Browser Exploit Leaked for v4.10

    "Finally the secret 'Wii U Browser Exploit' is now out in the wild for everyone to enjoy on their Nintendo Wii U Console, if you lucky enough to still be at v4.10 firmware." Source:
  10. opal

    Hacking Are you going to buy WiikeÜ or waiting for Wii U homebew ?

    I am gonna buy WiikeyU because I don't want to wait another 2 years until some devs will decide that it is time to release something. I just want to pirate games so WiikeyU is the right thing.
  11. opal

    Hacking WiiKeyU pre-orders! Post yours!

    Do you think wiiU ode will work with all the Wii U models? I want to buy Mario Kart 8 bundle and if I update the console to the newest FW it will not disable the WiiU ODE?
  12. opal

    Hacking SO. Given the Gateway Team's determination and successes,

    Maybe we shoud donate some $ so they will have the power and motivation to work for us and keep us happy :)
  13. opal

    Hacking Wiikey U preorders will open soon!

    "A lot has happened recently and we are now confident to launch Wiikey U! You can look forward to other exciting WiiU news in the coming weeks..." source: Team Xk3y @ FB I think I will have to buy my wiiu soon :lol:
  14. opal

    Hacking What is your request to BigBlueBox Team?

    SteamWorld Dig NightSky Fallblox Crimson shroud Weapon Shop De Omasse Kung Fu Rabbit Planet Crashers
  15. opal

    Hacking Would you pay for the next major Gateway update?

    I would pay them 5-10$ for update which would let me play 100% eshop and retail games.
  16. opal

    Hacking Dont Buy Gateway !!

    They are just releasing a new flashcard Evo so they can make new $$$ once again - it is pathetic :(
  17. opal

    Hacking 3DS ****ing bricked, never even use clones.

    What is left to do with a bricked console? If your console bricked because of using the Gateway then there would be no other way. Would you send it to N? or just put your bricked console on the shelf because you are scared to send a piece of bricked sh*t to stranger? I just want to say that it...
  18. opal

    Hacking What is next for the Gateway 3DS v2.0r2 release?

    Do you think that there will be a possibility to play downloaded eshop games with GW just like it was possible on the Wii?
  19. opal

    Hacking Gateway v2.0 Part 2: NAND Emulation

    You will spend 80$ on 2 new 3DS games or on a few old games or your 3ds will be unused piece of sh*t (Do you really want a console without any games?). It it your choice to not to buy 3DS with 4.5 FW. You still can and you don't want to buy it... If I were you I would just sell your 3ds and buy...
  20. opal

    Hacking Gateway v2.0 Part 2: NAND Emulation

    Did you notice that they are running MH4 with online (wifi) enabled? That means playing online will probably be possible...
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