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    Graphic Request

    I'd like to request a graphic. Not a sig or avatar, just a high resolution graphic. Something like my avatar, but with lightning sparking out from the power icon. I'd like the resolution to be a high as possible (I want to use it for things like the side of a computer case, possibly the side...
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    Hardware XCM 1080p VGA Box

    Anybody know the best (and cheapest) place to buy an XCM 1080p VGA Box, shipped to Canada?
  3. Twitch

    Wii Update 3.1U

    Get those fingers moving!
  4. Twitch

    Hardware I'd like to buy a premodded Wii

    Anyone know where to get one, hopefully one that won't cost me my arm, leg, and my first-born? Preferably in Canada, if not, then in the US.
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    Hacking Converting a save from G6DS Real to G6 Lite

    I'm trying to convert my Star Force Pegasus save from my G6 Real to G6 Lite format. I've tried the dedicated G6 converter and Shuny's Online Converter with no success. Pegasus refuses to accept the save. Any ideas? EDIT: Nevermind. I fixed it.
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    Gaming Mega Man Star Force Save

    Does anyone have a completed Star Force save? Any version will do, though Dragon is preferred. My G6 Real randomly lost it's system files, and like a fool I wasn't paying attention and hit Start, thus formatting my card. Can anyone help me out?
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