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    Hardware New wii gun attachment

    Nintendo showed a new device at the media summit! It contains a new add-on for the wii remote and nunchuck. The remote can be attached to the top of the gun, and the nunchuck in the bottom part. This new toy could be the perfect solution for RE: Umbrella chronicles or the recently announced...
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    Gaming Online play with Modchip?!

    So, with the upcomping release of super mario strikers charged, the first online wii game, this is an exciting time for wii owners with a modchip. What do you think, will we be able to play online, or not? And those friendcodes.. Does the game creates them, or does the code comes with the game...
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    Hacking Wii DVD Tool - Firmware read/write

    Wii Scene Newzis reporting that a tool has been released that will allow you to read and write to the Wii's DVD drive (it's memory area which contains the DVD drive firmware) via a serial port on a linux computer. This opens up the possibility of replacing the firmware in the Wii's DVD drive...
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    Change your name?

    Question, How do you change your name?? I'd like a new name, so every languige (sorry for my english) can say/read it.. But I can't find were! plz. help.. Does a moderator have to do this?
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