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    Homebrew Skyward Sword Slingshot issue

    Hi, Does anyone here already have the Slingshot and is having the same issue that the bullet does NOT land at the red dot and instead flies 50m to the right / left / above it? I'm not even able to aim properly and need around 2-3 shots in order to see where the bullet flies. Can't be the only...
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    [Lulzsec] CIA DDoS

    Computer hackers broke into the Senate's public website Wednesday though they were unable to get proprietary data, the Senate acknowledged today. It was the second such attack in less than a week. Meanwhile, the CIA website was taken down Wednesday afternoon. The hacktivist group LulzSec group...
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    Sony Europe hacked once more

    I know we're all getting tired of this by now but I thought I'd still share it with you. Source: Rather minor this time.
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    Sony Pictures hacked

    LulzSec just posted that they have successfully hacked Sony Pictures compromising over data of over 1Million accounts. Included are according to LulzSec: [/p] [/spoiler]
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    E3: Aonuma New Zelda game

    According to a Neogaf user Mr. Aonuma revealed that a new Zelda game is in the making for the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda and it will most likely be shown on this years E3. [/p] Source:
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    Gaming Pokemon with all regions

    I remember those times when I first played Pokemon Gold and found out that it was possible to visit the region of Pkmn Red, please excuse me for forgetting the regions names here . While I think it was due to space problems on the cardridges or whatever wouldn't it be possible and in my opinion...
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    Sony porting PSP games to the PS3

    Apparently Sony is planning to port and remaster PSP games for the PS3. You will be able to use the same savefile on both systems and the games will be upscaled to HD. According to Kotaku one of the first games to be ported is Monster Hunter Portable. Xxmg0JtOqww News source...
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    3DS conference announced

    Nintendo is going to hold a 3DS Developer conference on May 17th, 2011. According to the website they are going to talk about the future of their new online shop as well as Street Pass, AR etc etc.
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    Gaming Spotpass / News service

    When I went to our electronic store on the 3DS launch day there was a guy from Nintendo presenting the 3DS and its features. They were speaking of getting updates and news from Nintendo through Spotpass and Wifi. Now all I've gotten so far were 2 messages from Street fighter, one was welcoming...
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    Gaming Bit Trip coming to 3DS

    I haven't seen a thread on this yet so I'm putting one up now. The entire Bit.Trip game series seems to be coming to 3DS. While this seems to be a remake once again I think many haven't played those games, including myself actually. What do you think, are they worth getting...
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    Hey everyone

    Time for me to introduce myself. I've been checking this site on daily basis and now decided to register myself to contribute a little I own rather many different consoles ever since a young age I'm trying to always be up to date as far as possible and I hope I won't be much of a burden to...
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