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  1. The1stOne

    Hacking PSN vs UMD, what's the difference (which to play on a PS3)?

    I am trying to play some PSP-titles on my PS3, and I stumbled upon something I can't find an explanation for. I understand what an UMD is, and how that file is either an .iso (or .cso?). What I don't understand is why a title claiming to be PSN/PSP is also in .iso-format. Shouldn't it be a .pkg...
  2. The1stOne

    Hacking Problem: EBOOT.BIN / *.SELF / Klicensee - How to make a new .pkg after editing the decrypted files?

    This might sound like a confusing topic, and it probably is. :huh: I am playing around with some emulators for the PS3, and I have managed to resign a few and get them to work in Rebug 4.82.2. But I want to go further, and the first thing I did was creating animated icons and such. Now, I can...
  3. The1stOne

    Hacking PAMF Tools (ICON1.PAM) / Windows 10 x64

    So, I was learning how to create animated icons for the XMB, and I did every preparation (even creating a sound-file [SND0.AT3]). It took me several hours to finally get an .avi-file of the icon I wanted to create (with the correct codec). When I installed the PAMF Tools, I got no warning or...
  4. The1stOne

    Hacking Is it possible to create a .pkg that installs files outside the game-folder?

    After only using CFW for a month or so now, I feel I am starting to get quite familiar with the PS3. I'm trying to learn something new every week, and I feel I do. But sometimes things simply just fall outside my grasp. I am trying to make my own packages (.pkg-files) with Emulators and ROMs...
  5. The1stOne

    Hacking Problems with RetroArch on Rebug 4.82.2 REX

    I mentioned this problem as a side-note in a previous post, and I think someone recommended me going back to Rebug 4.81.2 (but I don't know why exactly). I can install several different versions (all CEX) of RetroArch, all from the latest nightly build(s) and the latest official 1.7.3, down to...
  6. The1stOne

    Hacking How to backup my PSN content? (PKG, RIF, RAP, EDAT, IDPS, ACT.DAT, ...)

    Since I am fairly new to using a CFW on my PS3, I have tried to read up as much as I can these past weeks. Needless to say, all the tons of information available sometimes can get a little bit too much. But as far as I have understood it, there is a (big) chance of getting banned from PSN when...
  7. The1stOne

    Hacking How to make a PSP EBOOT.PBP to a PSPISO?

    When using Rebug and multiMan I noticed there is a PSPISO-folder. I guess it's there to put .iso-files of PSP-games?! But I managed to come across a PSP-game which was a folder called SLUSXXXXX with just a EBOOT.PBP and a KEYS.BIN inside it. How do I either 1. Play such a game (PSP) in Rebug...
  8. The1stOne

    Hacking Problems with (old?) emulators on FERROX 4.82 COBRA 7.55 (and latest multiMan)

    I guess I am a little "late to the game", and this question has probably been answered here on the forum already. But after doing a search on "emulators", and a search on "resign pkg", I found no answers that were helpful to me. I have recently installed a CFW on my PS3 for the first time ever...
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