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    Hacking Switch can't seem to find boot.dat anymore

    I see the boot.dat error on boot more frequently now. I have found that ensuring you press the volume down key more firmly until the menu appears. I also have to have rcm jig installed and my loader.
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    Hacking Help me Sx OS v 3.1

    I mount all my games in xci, is there an automated way to install all of them from xci to nsp on the switch?
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    Hacking Help me Sx OS v 3.1

    If I have all my games as XCI in SX OS, what happens when I boot into AMS? Will I have to install them all as NSP's in AMS?
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    Hacking Spoof explained. For people who want play games from 7.55 on old firmwares

    I'm on 5.05 and Tony Hawk is working. I am using the phwoar bin and spoofed.
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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    If I put my 5.05 PS4 Pro into rest mode without closing the game first, will it still wake up properly?
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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    Any chance for an esp8266 bin?
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    Homebrew RELEASE NX Activity Log - View (slightly) more detailed play statistics!

    I’m glad I finally stumbled across this amazing utility. It’s very cool seeing all my play stats.
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    Hacking How to play online with a cfw Swich?

    I've been running an offline emunand and playing online with a clean sysnand for months. It's great having both options, and I've played quite a bit of MK8D online, it's really addictive and the voice chat is fun.
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    ROM Hack Convert FF10 PC/PS3/PS4/PSV Save to NS

    Just wanted to update my progress. I was finally successful transferring my ps vita save to my nintendo switch. I went through all the steps again using winhex and it started up perfectly. This is very cool, as I wanted to play with the improved graphics on the switch and bigger display.
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Tournament Week - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (LAN Play)

    Does my PC need to be connected to wifi or can I be hardwired?
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    ROM Hack Convert FF10 PC/PS3/PS4/PSV Save to NS

    I was able to follow all of your instructions with the ps vita save change to switch. After I have made the change I saved the file, but it's now 33 kb instead of the original 32kb. I copied the file back to checkpoint on the switch and I press R to restore the save, but when I boot into FFX and...
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    ROM Hack Convert FF10 PC/PS3/PS4/PSV Save to NS

    No, I was hoping someone would have come by to help out, but I'm stuck.
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    ROM Hack Convert FF10 PC/PS3/PS4/PSV Save to NS

    I've got a save file backed up from my PS Vita. It is in .bin format, but now I have no idea what to do next. I would like to import the save to my switch. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hacking Does SX OS prevent updating game card firmware?

    I was under the whole impression that emunand would allow us to have the best of both worlds. Online play in OFW and backup games in CFW. But if the gc is broken then how would you play official games online?
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    Hacking Question How the online works for sysNAND and emuNAND.

    Does the game card slot work so that you can play MK8 online?
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    Hacking After restoring clean nand and updating to 8.1.0, switch won't read game cartridge

    I created my sysnand backup when I was on 3.0, will my game card still work if I downgrade? I don’t recall doing any special stuff to preserve the game card.
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    Tutorial Setting Up Partitions for emuMMC with Hekate5.0/NYX

    I have a 3.0 backup that is clean with boot 0/1 but I never did anything with lockpick. I'm still waiting for others to go through the process before I jump in. But I'm looking forward to having online and emunand. I also need to wait and figure out if there is a way to not lose game saves or...
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    Hacking Reisyukaku teases ReiNX (CFW)

    The hardest part for me was finding the keys.ini and running the command to run it. Make sure there are no spaces anywhere in the directories you place the files. Also, extract the firmware file. After that it's just following the steps.
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    Hacking Question How to update games? w/ SX PRO 1.3

    What is the best way to update without burning fuses? Booting into hekate and updating through there?
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    Tutorial How to install/run ANY Switch firmware UNOFFICIALLY (WITHOUT burning any fuses)

    I have download the file with the firmware and the keys file. I input my tsec and sbk into that file and ran the command in step 7 but I can't get it to process. I'm getting failed to match tsec key and secure boot key. Also failed to execute script choidujour.
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