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    Official MediCat USB - A Multiboot Linux USB for PC Repair

    I get "the syntax of the command is incorrect." error no matter where I try to run the .bat file. Tried Google Drive download and primary download. The files are unzipped and the folders are just named the defaults.
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    Hacking Emulation New(?) mode to Fix(??) PS1 games for PSP and PSVita.

    1st one, i never had issues with the 2nd one
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    Hacking Emulation New(?) mode to Fix(??) PS1 games for PSP and PSVita.

    Hello again The_Ho. :) You are making a particularly romantic CD website a better place and a lot of people happy I see. I still love your artwork for the games too! I've got a nicer Vita solution than the already-existing solutions for Digimon World 3 I think: I played through Asuka Forest...
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    Hacking MacroFire for Adrenaline (button remaps/macros/rapidfire)

    It’s in this pack: I Also made an backup of just the macrofire plug-in:
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    GBAtemp is now in TEMPORARY MODE

    It looks sexy
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    Hacking HELP Sony PSP 2000 update problem

    hahahah well...this is so weird. Thanks for the info. I wasn't able to fix the update to 6.61, but after it got to 99% updating to 6.61 i just took out the battery and took my chances. (I had to turn off 'game boot' in CFW Configuration settings to even get into the XMB/6.61 update at all, and...
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    Hacking Help with researching Eboot modification (Valkyrie Profile)

    Hey dude, this is a miracle! Way to find that thread and take the initiative to get a hold of a working Eboot. I think it'd be awesome to find someone who could de-translate back to English. I messaged you ^_^
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    Hardware PsP 100X Freezing and shutting down

    Same issue on PSP-1000, OFW or CFW. Even in the middle of running a Magic Memory Stick software (e.g., Despertar Del Cementario) it is susceptible to the freeze/crash/shutdown (making it difficult to unbrick--I have to put in the Pandora battery ~10 times until I get through the entire...
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    Hacking [Release] ARK-4 CFW port for PSP.

    Oh boy. Well I hope the psx2psp compatibility is the same for each PS1 game as it is on PRO-C2 (been working on a psx2psp compatibility list for a few years). How is popsloader plugin compatibility on PSP hardware, anyway? (Last I read, thefl0w said he'd only add popsloader plugin support on...
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    Hacking Configurator for Configurable USB Loader

    Mirror? EDIT:
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    Hacking MacroFire for Adrenaline (button remaps/macros/rapidfire)

    So can I make it auto-press a button combo 1 single time as soon as the system boots up to XMB, and never again? Just 1 press with no user input, and none of this rapidfire stuff?
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    Hacking CMFileManager PSP - Multi-purpose file manager for the PSP

    dang, too bad txt editing was never added. FTP on modern FW is great though.Need to keep PSP Filer on the system for editing txt files...
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    Hacking [Release] - GUI version of - PS4 pkg repackager by Duxa (aka Chrushev) - v6.22.18

    EDIT: I was successfully able to make pkg files with the command line version of the program, but it error'd out at launch. Re-downloaded game & update from elsewhere & they worked fine...These were crappy packages or something I guess... Please Wait... Found: CUSA13285 Game: Hollow Knight PS4...
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    Give-away [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Win a Limited Edition Avicii Switch Lite

    The bezel is black instead of white like in the original pics... The gold lettering/logo is shoddily-placed crooked stickers instead of professionally engraved...and is ugly-huge, unlike in the original pics I'd be right pi**ed if I were you...Anyone can order a switch lite with a custom white...
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    ROM Hack [Tutorial] How to Decrypt, Extract & Rebuild 3DS|CIA|CXI Files

    omg I didn't know you could change the major version in the bat/exe!! You would be amazed how many hours I spent Googling trying to find how to change the major version. Thank you--I will definitely give this a shot when I get back around to my 3DS hacking projects
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    Give-away [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Win a Limited Edition Avicii Switch Lite

    I love Thumper in VR <3 Makes you feel so epic Yeah when I saw the game trailer I was just like "uh...this is that Audiosurf game from 10+ years ago"
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    Give-away [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Win a Limited Edition Avicii Switch Lite

    aw crap I didn't even catch that. It seems there's 5 made, but only 1 in the giveaway(?)
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    Give-away [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Win a Limited Edition Avicii Switch Lite

    A genuine all-white Switch lite....OMG....This is everything I've wanted. This is why I've been holding out on getting a Switch--because I wanted a genuine all-white console. I really hope i win :3 :3 :3
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