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    Hacking Getting ne PSP - just a few questions about CFW

    I bought me a new PSP 3000. (Well, it's not really new - it's used but this PSP is new for me. ) It has OFW 6.31 installed according to the seller (it has not arrived yet). So as I would like to put CFW on it I looked through quite a few threads from here and now I would like to ask if I got...
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    Hacking need help with 'loct1 error (D1_ReadID)' when using Softchip

    Hello everyone. I softmodded the Wii console of a fried's son using the ModMii-tutorial in the hacking section. Everything went fine and I even can use USB loader but when I try to load a game from disc using one of the Backup loaders I always get the error message "loct1 error D1_ReadID"...
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    Hacking Wadmanager 1.5 ERROR ret=-6 when trying to use NAND Emulation

    Hello everyone. I tried to get Triiforce to work as this seems to allow me to play some WiiWare titles that would not run otherwise (for example "kimi to boku to rittai" and others) so I read through a lot of threads in order to get it to work. First I used "Simple FS Dumper" to dump NAND...
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    Hacking new ak2i boots homebrew but no ROMs

    My first acekard2i had a problem with the mechanism that keeps the MicroSD-Card (had to use duct tape to keep it fixed in the ak2i) so I had to buy a new one which arrived today. Now I got an other problem: The card boots homebrew games without problems (using AKAIO 1.4.1 Proper) but it does...
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