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  1. AngeloftheNight091

    Hacking R4 Gold Pro - Freezing when Creating Save while launching Game

    Good Morning, I have recently Acquired two "R4 Gold Pro" and when attempting to launch a game, the system freezes when attempting to Create the Save file. I currently have tried a 64gb and 32gb micro sd card, and formatted for fat32, default allocation size, 32kb and 64kb. I have even gone to...
  2. AngeloftheNight091

    Hardware EZFlash Omega - Linking GBC Rom to GBC Console

    Hello Temp, The Gf and I just recently got an EZFlash Omega and two modded GBA consoles with the AGS101 backlit. We confirmed we can link the EZ Flash Omega to a legit copy of Pokémon emerald using a GBA Link Cable. However we are trying to figure out how to link Pokémon Red to a Gameboy...
  3. AngeloftheNight091

    Gameboy Flashcard

    I am looking for a Flashcard that works with the original Gameboy DMG01. I haven't been successful in finding one. What would you all recommend, and where can I find one? Cheers
  4. AngeloftheNight091

    ROM Hack Pokemon Showdown to PKMN USUM BTVideo

    Hey guys, I am wondering if there is a way to convert the text output from a Pokemon Showdown battle to a Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon BTVIDEO file that can be played back on Citra or the Console itself. To my knowledge there is a XYORAS program called pkBV created by KWSCH. Any and all...
  5. AngeloftheNight091

    Nintendo Patent for Gameboy Smartphone Case

    Hey Guys, Did you see that Nintendo Filed a Patent for a Gameboy Smartphone Case? Source : What do you think? Virtual Games or Cartridges?
  6. AngeloftheNight091

    Hardware Katsukity New 3DS XL Capture Device

    I just recently ordered two of the Katsukity New 3DS XL Capture Consoles and was wondering if it was possible to view two consoles on the same computer. For example, being able to show two consoles at the same time. I have had a Katsukity console before, and it worked well, but Never had two to...
  7. AngeloftheNight091

    Gaming Nintendo DS Replacement Shell

    Hey Guys, I just recently received a DS Original Capture Console and was thinking about replacing the plastics. Does anyone know of an online distributor that sells replacement shells / plastics ? I looked on Ebay and Amazon and havent really found anything. During a quick Search I didnt find...
  8. AngeloftheNight091

    Hacking R4 3DS RTS with DS Lite - Pokemon Platinum & Pokemon Fire Red

    So I am using the R4 3DS RTS with a Nintendo DS Lite, and Was attempting to play through Pokemon Platinum when it crossed my mind to put Pokemon Fire Red into the bottom of the console. As you know, when playing the Regular Game Cards of Pokemon D/P/PL and having Fire/Leaf/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald...
  9. AngeloftheNight091

    Hacking GBA Injection with Link Cable/Local Wifi Support?

    Hey Guys, I have Luma 9.0 CFW on my New 3ds Katsukity Capture Console. I have been using the GBA injection for a while and was wondering if it is possible to have communication enabled so Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green could communicate.. Is this something that is possible, or is it not...
  10. AngeloftheNight091

    Gameshark for Gameboy v3.1 - Parallel Connection

    Hey Guys, I know this is a super old console and accessories, but I am currently looking for a way to back up some older Gameboy cartridges for use down the road for other projects. Currently right now I am running into an issue with the Gameshark for Gameboy Software where it is not...
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