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  1. shano

    Ghost of Tsushima PS4/PS5 patches the same?

    I have Ghost of Tsushima base PS4 disc version and am on a older firmware on PS5 but the problem is the latest update available wont allow me to play on PS5. What I would like to know is are the PS4 and PS5 patches the same? Like if I downloaded from Orbispatches an older patch then move game to...
  2. shano

    How do I get PS4 to download game updates?

    Hey guys, I got a PS4 Pro the other day on 9.00 and installed some of my PS4 Game Discs. Is it not possible to get game updates downloaded from the PS4? Or am I doing something wrong? Works fine with PS5 on old firmware.
  3. shano

    Getting Game Updates on old Firmware?

    Hello, my PS5 is currently on 3.00 and am just wondering if I reconnect to the net can I still get update downloads for my installed games? And will the console try to update to latest firmware?
  4. shano

    Hardware Bottom screen replacement question.

    So i had my New 3DS XL which got water damaged a while ago and also dropped on the ground (motherboard and bottom screen was not in the system when it dropped on ground) and then i bought another New 3DS XL TN Top/IPS Bottom recently. But the top screen was really bad with ghosting and dimming...
  5. shano

    Hacking Question Can you game cartridges on older firmware?

    Would like to make a backup of some of my games on Firmware 1.0.0 wondering if i will run into any issues like the console getting updated or watever. On 8.1.0 EmuMMC i have the cartridge slot blocked so it doesnt update the cart slot driver.
  6. shano

    PS1/2 Best PS2 Modchip?

    Ive heard people say modbos with firmware 1.93 is the best but also heard that some the sellers lie and say it has v1.93 as a marketing ploy.
  7. shano

    Hacking Question Finished setting up Nereba & have some questions about EmuMMC & staying safe

    Hey guys I got Nereba & Pegascope setup and done following this guide now i have a few questions. The guide doesnt followup with emunand stuff and such. 1. Do i make EmuMMC with 1.0.0 og NAND backup (maybe safer if ever going online?) or with the 1.0.0 NAND backup i made after finishing Nereba...
  8. shano

    Hacking Need Help - Blue Screen when using Hekate/TegraRcmGUI

    I went to restore my 1.0.0 split Nand backup from 6.1.0 i restored the BOOT0 & BOOT1 then went to restore NAND but had it in wrong folder so i turned off the Switch and moved it to correct folder and upon trying to go back to Hekate i get the Blue screen. =( What can i do to fix this mess...
  9. shano

    Gaming DSi XL Top Screen Dimmer than Bottom Screen

    I picked up a DSi XL the other day. It looks to be in great condition and hardly used but the top screen ive noticed is a little dimmer than the bottom screen and slightly less vibrant. I heard you can adjust the potentiometer behind the battery cover. Would that fix the issue or maybe make...
  10. shano

    Hacking Some questions on CFW & NAND backup/restore

    So i have a 3DS XL on 11.0.0-33E and am thinking of putting CFW on it just have a couple questions mostly on the nand backup/restore. So after getting B9S/GodMode9 and such on it and then doing a sysnand backup i can later downgrade if i want from latest CFW back to the vanilla 11.0.0-33E via...
  11. shano

    Hacking Is this R4i Gold 3DS Flashcard legit?

    Hey guys just wanna know if this Flashcard from this store is the real deal and not a cheap knock off cheers.
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