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    Homebrew Question Something wrong with Goldleaf USB install or something?

    Hello All, I am currently facing issues installing NSPs via Goldleaf. So i followed all steps of zadig setting up libusbk etc. Then I proceeded to use fluffy first. It was just stuck with no NSP selection and my Goldleaf kept on freezing. Then I proceeded to use NS-USBloader. I ent to goldleaf...
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    Hacking Question Regarding SysNAND and EmuMMC

    Hello all, I've been out of the switch scene for a while. However wanted to ask a question about EmuMMC and SysNAND. Just so you know I want to clarify about these things here before my question. I know SysNAND and EmuMMC are 2 completely different instances where one is based on actual flash...
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    Homebrew Question Any difference in using 90DNS on EmuMMC or SysNAND CFW (for HID-MITM)

    Hey guys, So I have A Clean fresh 8.1 SysNAND and I have EmuMMC (SD files) setup. So I have seen many people use 90DNS to prevent connections from Nintendo Switch Servers. I want to use HID-MITM so I can use additional controllers. So for that I was thinking I should use 90DNS. However I want...
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    Gaming Twitch Prime Error Code 9001-0055 Nintendo Online

    Hello All, I cannot seem to redeem twitch prime membership for my UK account. I have a UK twitch prime and recently created a nintendo UK account and have that logged in on my switch. When I go to claim the 3 month nintendo online membership its just gives me an error code 9001-0055 The product...
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    ROM Hack Discussion So apparently there is an Amiibo Kip in Beta.

    I was on Youtube and I came across this. Apparently it is some sort of Kip which the person has used on ReinX. Not Yet on AMS. It is still in Beta though and it is basically a amiibo spoofer which is in the form of a Kip. So I also did the same thing. I used BOTW for amiibo spoofing and it...
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    Hacking Suggestion Stick with SX? or Shift to Atmos?

    As yall know, Atmos a free CFW has constant updates and all and seems really good and all. However I purely use EmuNAND and my SysNAND has been restored to a clean state. (I can go online). However, I'm not banned at the moment and have remained cautious which is why I went to EmuNAND. However...
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    Homebrew Question Any Working Citra Cores available?

    Are there any citra cores available which work or any other 3ds cores available for retroarch? Which work fine?
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    Hacking Question If I update fimware using ChoiDujuor then remove CFW. Can I go Online?

    Hello, I want to know if i use Hacdiskmount to remove files and then factory reset my NAND at 7.0.1. Can I go online? Or will I have to update using the Official Firmware and Burn Fuses.
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    Gaming Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Latest Update Installed. Prompts me A system update.

    I recenetly installed captain toad treasure tracker Update and Dlc. Im using SX OS EmuNAND however it prompts me to do a system update. It happens after I install update not the update before hand. Any Help?
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    Hacking Question Want to Restore and Update SysNAND? I have EmuNAND as well? Need some advice

    Hello All, I am willing to update my Sysnand to 7.0.1. I want to play games online and go access Eshop. However also, I also have a lot of homebrew stuff related to atmosphere and SX OS in my SD card. My EmuNAND is also on SD card (EmuNAND on SD files). I however need to restore my switch so I...
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    Hacking Suggestion Go back to Atmosphere or Stick with EmuNAND?

    Hello all, Im on 6.2.0 I have a switch with sx os alongside EmuNAND. I only went this way because of safety of instaling NSPs as fake tickets just go into the EmuNAND (Which is on my SD CARD). But do you guys think I should restore switch and then use atmosphere/Kosmos on it? I just really want...
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    Gaming Installing DlC/Updates to SD Card or NAND?

    Hello All, Im currently using SX OS for EmuNAND. It takes half of my sd card space? I am willing to play games with updates and dlcs? So where should I install them? To system memory or sd card? Which one will be better? Im planning to play games from a hard drive via XCI? So what'd yall suggest?
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    Homebrew Question Confused on Lakka and RetroArch? Also NRO or NSP?

    Hello All, All this libretro stuff is confusing. So Lakka is basically an OS right with RetroArch running on the frontend designed for linux distributions and works on single board computers like the raspberry pi. But why is Retroarch seperate from it? What is basically the difference from using...
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    Hacking Question How to move SD EmuNAND to Hidden Partition (Windows 10)?

    Hello All, I recently installed EmuNAND on my system to the SD card. The reason I used SD card was because everytime I installed EmuNAND to Hidden Partition was because I got a Boot.dat Error. I referred to this guide on how to move EmuNAND...
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    Homebrew Suggestion getting Boot.dat error after creating EmuNAND

    Hello All, I recently created EmuNAND. I then restarted my console and proceeded to enter payload via PC. Now it gives me a boot.dat error even though i have a new 64gb sdxc card and the boot.dat is in the folder It is fat32 and I just formatted it and placed boot dat and license in the root of...
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    Hacking Suggestion Cleaned Up SYSNAND for EmuNAND? Necessary to Update?

    Hello All, So I followed this guide on how to set up EmuNAND: I followed the Clean Up SysNAND? What is the point of those steps? I did it after backing up and restoring it to a clean NAND. However the next step says to...
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    Homebrew Question Setting UP EmuNand? plus questions?

    So I referred to this guide: But Im confused and would like some help. There are 3 EmuNand Options. 1. Which one y'all recommend? Hidden OR SD or in Memory? 2. If i choose memory can I play XCI files directly from my...
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    Hardware Best Cluster Size for Fat32 64GB SD card?

    Hello, I want to use FAT32 on my SD Card. Since I've faced many corruption issues using ExFat. I want to know what's the best and optimal cluster size for my 64GB sd card?
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    Hacking Suggestion Best way Minimize/Reduce Online Ban? I have multiple CFWs.

    Hello All, I plan on playing either XCI or NSP games OFFLINE. REMEMBER I DO NOT PLAN ON GOING ONLINE MY SWITCH (but will go in the near future) So I'm wondering the best way to minimize myself getting BANNED FROM ONLINE. I have multiple CFWs (Kosmos/Atmosphere, SX OS, ReinX). Assuming lets say...
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    Hacking Suggestion Install Emunand on an OFFLINE Switch?

    Hello All, So I recently bought a switch and SX OS. It's on patch 6.2.0 with latest version of SX OS installed. Is there any point in creating EmuNAND if even I dont connect my switch to the internet. I mean I plan on going online in the future but not right now so should I still install...
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