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    DS #4708: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing (USA)

    I had a problem with this game, each time I launched the game my savegame file was erased. But a patch file just released for SuperCard DSOne EOS: Using this patch you can play the game in "Patch Mode" with SuperCard DSOne EOS.
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    DS #3650: Aqua Panic! (Europe)

    I gave it a try and I like it!! It's quite similar to Lemmings indeed. The beginning is not easy even with the instructions. But after a while I can say that I like this game a lot!
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    DS #3113: L'Histoire De France Pour Les Nuls (France)

    Why not? We have a long History so france is ideal for that kind of games!
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    DS #3113: L'Histoire De France Pour Les Nuls (France)

    I thought the ROM would take a long time to be release so I am glad to see it already
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    DS #3106: Super Fun Sudoku (Europe)

    Does anyone know the difference between this game and this one: Both are in english and they look similar, but the second one was released a long time ago
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    DS #3102: Horseland (Europe)

    The number of horse and pony games on DS is really impressive!!
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    DS #3078: Des Chiffres et des Lettres (France)

    Actually this TV show is considered being watched by old people since 1972 lol. Even if every people admit that to win this show you have to be clever and have a good knowledge. There are 2 parts in this show. One requires to speak french more than fluently, this part is called "Le mot le plus...
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    DS #3085: Tecktonik World Tour (Europe)

    I hate techtonik music , I hate their dance and their look, but I have to admit that for the moment this game is pleasant to play. I'm only at the beginning but I liked EBA a lot and this game is close to EBA. Not as good of course lol. And its graphics are really good too.
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    DS #3078: Des Chiffres et des Lettres (France)

    Please french guys don't be mad at me but I was waiting for this game!! lol Really, I like it and I'm proud of it! (No joke inside)
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    DS #3053: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 2nd Edition (Europe)

    I advise you not to use the stylus to play this game, use only the Dpad. Indeed it often clicks on an answer you didn't choose. However this version is better than the later one because there are some animations of the presenter and voices
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    DS #3050: Age of Empires: Mythologies (USA)

    I was surprised to see that French language is available in this ROM! It is weird because this game is planned to release in february here in France
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    DS #3047: 1000 Bornes (France)

    I was used to play this game when I was a child, so for sure I will give this one a try!
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    DS #3004: Plus belle la vie - Le secret du Dr Livia (France)

    Indeed, in France we are proud of our Eiffel Tower, or of our French cooking, but on the other side this TV show is a shame for us! Above all the fact that several millions people watch it every evening...
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