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  1. mflo

    Reparing docx

    Anyone know a free tool to repair a docx file. When I try to open it in word, it says "incorrect document syntax." I'm trying to help a girl recover her paper for class. Thanks
  2. mflo

    Gaming Anyone install Win7 on a netbook?

    Some netbooks have multi-touch trackpads, but they run Windows xp. I was wondering if you'll still have the multi-touch functions if you install Windows 7.
  3. mflo

    Hacking MicroSDHC limit?

    I've been out of the scene for a while, so I'm a bit out of date. I was wondering if MicroSDHC compatible flashcarts had a limit to memory size. I was going to order an Acekard 2i + 8GB for someone (Don't ask me why they wanted 8GB, I have no idea.)
  4. mflo

    Gaming Questions about LED backlit screens

    So I was looking at the customization options for the Dell Studio XPS 13, and noticed that the LED backlit screen was more expensive. Why is that? I thought that LEDs were supposed to be cheaper.
  5. mflo

    Apple warranty question

    Let's say I buy a used 15.4" Macbook Pro 2.4GHz model, from before the unibody redesign, that is still under warranty. Would I be able to have Apple replace it with one of the new aluminum unibody 13" Macbooks?
  6. mflo

    Questions about Jailbreaking ipod touch

    Every time Apple comes out with a new firmware, an updated version of Jailbreak comes out right? So if I want to update to the new Jailbreak, do I have to restore the ipod touch to the original firmware, or can I just update from the current jailbreak? Is Jailbreak an actual custom firmware, or...
  7. mflo

    I need good shampoo

    Okaaaii! I have short thick hair (plan on growing it out), and it's freakin' damaged to hell. When it's dry, it gets all poofy and frizzy. LOOKS LIKE I HAVE A FUZZY AFRO! I'm looking for some anti-poof shampoo to help fix this and I want to know if it'll help my hair lie down flat. Anyone have...
  8. mflo

    Anyone speak German?

    Uhhm, Does this make sense to anyone? "Fick dich, puddingbrumsel!" I think it means "F U fat girl," But I'm not sure. One more thing, I know this is vulgar, but I want to know how to say "I want to F U." heehee. I'm sorry >
  9. mflo

    weird hair strand

    Ok, I'm Asian and I have naturally dark hair (duh) lol. Well... I was looking in the mirror today and found a copper colored strand of hair. I tugged on it and confirmed that it was mine and not from someone else. I'm wondering how the hell did I get a copper colored hair strand. lol. I don't...
  10. mflo

    Gaming Idea for a game

    Anyone ever played isketch? I think some company should make a pictionary game for the DS that can be played over wifi. It'd be really fun wouldn't it? For those of you who don't know what pictionary or iSketch is: It's a game where a chosen person is given a word and s/he has to draw pictures...
  11. mflo

    3rd gen ipod nano protectors

    Can someone recommend me a good screen protector? I'm afraid of getting one that will leave residue, decrease clarity, or be hard to remove. Also, any recommendations on cases? Thank you
  12. mflo

    Early 1900's music

    I've been listening to random 1900's music and I reaaaallly like what i've been hearing. Can someone recommend me some good singers or bands? Something like these: The Ink Spots Or something like this Arggh, I'm trying to remember this one song that I heard while watching a video on WWI in...
  13. mflo

    It's painful

    Falling in love with someone, and knowing that she will never accept you... hurts so much. And the only choice is being her friend; If not, then just an acquaintance. Which makes it hurt so much more. I hate myself.
  14. mflo

    Question about PSUs

    okie doke. I plan on getting an eVGA 512MB 8800GTS. And according to a few google searches, 8800GTS card requires a minimum of 400w with a +12V @ 26amps. I've looked at a lot of PSUs and none of the 12v rails exceed 17-18a. So I'm guessing that the minimum requirement for the 8800GTS is just a...
  15. mflo

    Typing in rainbow font

    Does anyone know a program or plugin that lets you type in rainbow font on AIM messenger? I've seen some people do this and I've been wondering how they do it. This is what I want to do
  16. mflo

    Hacking NDS Lite cases

    I hope this is the right place. I've been wanting to replace the black casing on my DS Lite with a new one. But, I don't know any good brands or good websites to order from. Any recommendations?
  17. mflo

    Information technology

    Hello, My cousin recently told me to specialize in something when I go to college and not make the same mistake he did. I told "I don't know what I want to specialize in." He suggested something that had to do with Information technology. What I would like to know is what classes I could take...
  18. mflo

    How do I solve this?

    We're working on Dimensional Analysis in my chemistry class, and I encountered this problem in my workbook. I can't figure it out. I've never been good at these types of problems, please help. 24) A baseball player's batting average is 0.254 (254 hits per 1000 at bats). If she is at bat an...
  19. mflo

    I took chem. and i'm confoozled

    (7.99 g/mL)(25000 mL) = 199750 (?)
  20. mflo

    Please Help, Problem with Firefox

    For some reason animated GIFs won't play in my firefox browser. They don't seem to play in my IE browser either O.o Youtube videos don't play automatically either, except in IE. On youtube I sometimes get this huge wall of text, which I think is the page source. I've already tried...
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