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    Hacking YSMenu0805200255

    *Edit* Found the answer, bgDown.bmp and bgUp.bmp in TTMenu>Skin>Default.
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    Hacking R4 DS & Apple Mac Users

    ediblebird, it works~ Thanks so much. Albeit there isnt any option 'When press START button' or 'Soft Reset (boot RESET.MSE)', but rather 'StartButtonExec' which I changed from 0 to 1. P.S. Is it normal for the screens to flicker when soft reset kicks in?
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    Hacking R4 DS & Apple Mac Users

    You meant _DS.MENU.SYS right? =D Done, doesnt work.
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    Hacking R4 DS & Apple Mac Users

    Does not work, the bottom screen stays the same, and the upper screen goes blue with text as follows:- Set Scroll bars. Drawup Window 0/13 Drawup Window 1/13 Drawup Window 2/13 Drawup Window 3/13 Drawup Window 4/13 Drawup Window 5/13 etc. etc. etc.
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    Hacking R4 DS & Apple Mac Users

    grifter, no problems with your Moonshell soft reset or installing your themes thus far?
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    Hacking R4 DS & Apple Mac Users

    outphase, thanks for your prompt reply, appreciates it = ) 1. Sorry, I lost you there. Why do I not need to change those files into upper caps, when I copied the firmware files from a PC then, and yet it works? 2. Duly noted, will do some research on disabling it in network acess. 3. Guess I...
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    Gaming Nintendo DS

    Taiko no Tetsujin~
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    Hacking R4 DS & Apple Mac Users

    Any Mac users here? Can anyone answer my queries? Thanks in advance. 1. Why is there a need for Mac users to change certain file names to upper caps, in order for the filmware, themes, etc. to work? I remember some kind souls on the defuncted forum, programmed a script that...
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    Gaming Great games that should be ported to NDS

    Mario Stirkers. We need better sports games on DS.
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    Gaming nds game your currently addicted to at the moment?

    Taiko no Tetsujin =D
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