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  1. iValkenhayn

    Gaming Zelda 35th Anniversary Hype thread!

    finger's crossed we get twilight princess or wind waker hd announced in june or something :3
  2. iValkenhayn

    Gaming List of GameCube games already on the Switch

    at this point im just hoping twilight princess or wind waker hd makes it into the eshop one day lmao
  3. iValkenhayn

    Gaming Finding games for younger kids

    there's no way to filter the eshop, the best you can do is to go to search, select by genre or by price :3, they should update their shop lmao
  4. iValkenhayn

    Gaming What Future switch Games are you getting or thinking of in 2021?

    pokemon shining pearl and the arceus one *~*
  5. iValkenhayn

    Gaming Last Switch game you finished

    the last game i completed to 100% was naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 xD
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