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    Gaming Replacement touch screen digitizer is matte and not glossy

    Try eBay and message the seller to ask if they are matte first
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    Gaming DS phat touchscreen problems

    First question... is it a replacement shell housing? some 3rd party shells need a bit of fettling to allow the touch screen to rest properly. Secondly... the problem with the DS phat is that if you buy 10 replacement 3rd party touch screens, 7 will be faulty on arrival. if you tap the stylus...
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    Gaming Dsi xl top screen riboon cable broken or not

    I would guess that the top screen originally wasn't working due to the part of the flex that I've circled in yellow. The part circled in red looks like someone has accidentality damaged it while trying to remove it.
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    Cookie Notice Stuck

    Hey, When I visit this site, the cookie notice banner across the bottom shows and greys out the rest of the screen, despite clicking accept - nothing happens, it's stuck which means I can't view anything on the site. To remove it I have to click browser inspector and put "display: none;" to get...
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    Gaming DS Lite - weird Touchscreen issue

    If a touch screen has had too much pressure placed on it, they become stuck down in certain positions, this stops other buttons from working, disconnect the touch screen while leaving the bottom screen connected, power it up and if the buttons work the touch screen is the issue.
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    Gaming Help me with my dsi XL

    Just as a heads up, as it may be of use to others with a locked DSI XL, you can unlock the parental control on DSi XL consoles for free, there is a site with a generator on GitHub that can be on Google, set the correct time and date, tap forgot pin, tap the enquiry number into the website...
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    Gaming DS Lite Charge LED lit when battery is inserted, charger is not inserted

    Have you checked the little water indicator sticker on the motherboard? and the one on the case?
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    Covid-19 vaccine

    I'm undecided because I don't trust the rollout here in the UK. Personally I feel the priority for the vaccine should be hospital staff, police etc and key workers. Hospital staff = get close to Covid-19 every day. Police = go to break up parties which are attended by Covid is a hoaxers. If...
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    Gaming DS Lite power button stopped working, what can be done?

    In the UK there was a guy who was selling use but working Nintendo DS Lite motherboards for £6 on eBay last year, I would suggest seeing if you can find a cheap second hand motherboard in your country, if you can't find any, my next suggestion would be buy a faulty complete console, in the UK...
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    Joe Biden Wins - Becomes 46th president of the United States

    My thoughts... 1 - Trump mentioned injecting disinfectant / Trump goes golfing - while thousands of Americans are dying every day. 1A - Definitely not the actions of a good president. 1B - He said the disinfectant thing was a joke - well again refer to 1A, You don't joke when people are dying...
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    Gaming DSi XL has darker pixels on edge of screens.

    I would guess any of the following... It's just a well used console. It's had its screens replaced with 3rd party screens. (probably not as both your screens have the same issue) It's been wet at some point. To check for water, remove the battery cover, lift out the battery and there is a...
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    Gaming DSi faulty d-pad fix

    Seems to be a thing with second hand DS Lite / Dsi / DSi XL consoles, often you can be lucky and the seller will have only used it for touch screen games, but buy one from someone who has played Fifa on it and you'll notice you can only move the player up/down/left/right naturally but to use...
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    Gaming DSi touch capability broken

    Try the touch screen digitizer without securing it to the LCD screen, I remember there was a bunch of DSi's that had bottom screens with a gold colour casing on them which used to cause strange issues, i/e a constant buzz through the speakers etc,
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    Gaming Nintendo DSi bricked up / frozen?

    For the board that the touch screen flashes and goes off - this indicates a problem with the top screen. Check that the ribbon cable is correctly seated, For the board the crashes when switching it on, was there any writing on the screen? - if so, freezing when it says "Nintendo" on the screen...
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    Hardware Replacement Controller PS3

    I have a PS3 that is missing the original controller, if a buy a non genuine controller - is there anything that I can't do with it that an original would do? For example if I sell it - should i buy a replacement genuine controller to go with it? or just sell it with a new non genuine...
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    Gaming The camera of NDSi Crashed. How can i fix it?

    I would take it apart, disconnect the camera ribbon and re connect it, I've only ever seen this error from a faulty camera or a dropped console before, never seen it caused by changing softwares.
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    Gaming differences between ds lite mobos?

    A few years ago I had a bundle of 30 original DS boards and most of them had different numbers, I was led to believe that the numbers on them represented the factory or country of origin or something, I also noticed on them that some of the ribbon cable connector flaps were brown, others were...
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    Gaming DSi powers itself down when moved, but only while running off a game card.

    When you say it shuts down - do you mean the power goes off completely? or the error message comes on the screen? The DSi game slots are pretty poor, when I buy / sell DSi consoles, I always put a game in them and gently tap the cartridge slot to make sure an error message doesn't appear, if...
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    Gaming Help with DSi XL Top Screen

    Here are the screws in the battery compartment, one will adjust the top screen, the other will adjust the bottom screen. Turn the console on and gently turn one of the screws while carefully watching the screens, turning the screw will either make the screen go brighter or duller, The screws...
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    Gaming My NDSi died after the disassembly

    If the blue light comes on when you hit the power button - but the screens do not flash at all... the wifi board is usually not connected properly. However, now you say it's totally dead - the power boards in the DSi's were very temperamental, what happens when you connect the charger now...
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