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    Dragon Quest IX change hero starting class using a hex editor ?

    Hi, As written in title i would like to change the "hero" starting class from minstrel to whatever i want (for exemple, armamentalist) I think it's possible with an hex editor but i don't have any clue on how to find the good data. Thank you in advance for your help, it will be appreciated.
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    Trauma Center wii games on switch dolphin emulator joycons

    Has anyone tried the trauma center wii games on switch console with dolphin emulator ? If yes, can you use joycons for motion controls and pointer with it ?
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    ROM Hack original ps4 dragon quest xi with orchestral romhack

    Hi everyone, With the ps4 himebrew on the way one can wonder if and how the ps4 original version of dragon quest xi can have orchestral soundtrack instead of midi, This way it would ve cool to have a console version that have better graphics and music. Let's discuss !
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    Dragon warrior vii psx doesnt work on 3ds

    When i try to play Dragon warrior VII on 3DS with PCSX reARMed, it does have a black screen thus doesn't work. Other games like FF VII do work with my settings. (i tried with both latest stable and nighty builds) I'm posting here because i wonder if someone managed to run the original DQ VII on...
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