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    Homebrew Emulation Openbor games issues [wii]

    I play tested many version of openbor for the switch with different paks and narrowed it down to one version of openbor that runs best on the Wii. When I get back home from vacation I will check what version I use.
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    Homebrew [RELEASE] Restored YouTube Support For Wii!

    Awesome but the link doesn't reflect the name change. Also, this was awhile ago, but when i downloaded the "open channel" app for Wii it never loaded, only gave error messages. And the app was went by the old label "homebrew browser." I deleted it and redownloaded and got the same result. Not...
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    Is it normal behavior for House of the Dead: Overkill to stutter quite a lot?

    Interesting topic. I have the disc and played through a few times after getting it when it released. It did have some noticable stutter. When i put the game on my hard drive and played I through usbloader GX i noticed right away that stutter was significantly less. I even put the disc and played...
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    Misc Cannot set/assign new Wiimmfi friend code for some wii games

    If I'm understanding you correctly. . . You want to play SSBM online but don't want to delete your old save? Does Smash not have multiple saves? If it does you could make a new save and use that one for online battles, and the other for campaign. Another method would be to make a nand back...
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    Hardware I Accidently Unplugged my wii during a bootmii update, now my wii won't connect to my tv.. any help?

    Did you install Priiloader? If so, then hold reset while powering the Wii on to by pass the regular boot sequence from there you can get to the homebrew channel and launch bootmii
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    Homebrew Mp4 channel CustomizeMii

    Did you put cosmetic changes to the channel animation or in the WiiMC itself? That sounds cool.
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    Misc Cannot set/assign new Wiimmfi friend code for some wii games

    I just use usbloader gx 1271 and for games that support wiimmfi I enable it via game settings in usbloader gx. Riiconnect24 is mainly for enabling channels that used wiiconnect 24 but I've noticed lots of people use the guide for wiimmfi. But the feature is already in usbloader gx without...
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    Misc Wiimmfi announcements

    Hello I got Mario Kart Wii working on Wifi today, I hadnt connected for a long time and the game needed a patch so I installed USBLoaderGX r1271 and the patch worked and I played a few rounds. I used to also play one of wiims mario kart retro in wbfs format so I tried that and once I tried...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    I've been using r1260 with no issues for a long time. I recently tried r1271 for it's ability to patch Mario Kart Wii for Wiimmfi. That worked out fine. When I started a Gamecube game in r1271 it did not auto boot it as r1260 does. It seems the nintendont settings within USBLoaderGX such as...
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    Homebrew WiiMC-SS - GameCube controller support and more

    Is there a modded version of the original WiiMC that has cover artwork such as this mod?
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    Homebrew Half Life for Wii (QuakeGX)

    Come to think of it. I never actually finished Half Life all those years ago.
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    Gaming Wiiboy Color, a portable wii the size of a gameboy color

    Wow that's some awesome ingenuity. I see this project has a custom controller mapping program! How the heck can we get that for our everyday Wii use? I like motion controls for the most part but it would be nice to map some motions to button presses. I wonder if the program this modder used...
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    Misc Error 23400 on WiiWare games

    This is a reply copy and pasted from official Nintendo help forums. Nintendo employees volunteer here now? Lol
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    Hardware How to get official usb guitar hero Microphone to work on wii?

    After clicking on the Game on Usbloader Gx click Game Settings. Under Game IOS type, 249. This should enable the microphone. To be clear. This is all done in USB Loader not in the actual game.
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    Gaming Is there a list of games that do not require the wii mote?

    Below is a list with games that use either the GameCube controller, or the classic controller. If you are looking for games that use the Wii remote and nunchuck without motion/waggle, I have not seen a list but perhaps one exists. I prefer to play Call of Duty games on Wii with a wiimote and...
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    Hacking Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

    I had no idea this game even had issues running on loaders but here are more than 500 replies to this thread. I never ended up beating this game but I put a few hours into it and never ran into any issues. Played it in usbloader gx r1260.
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    Hardware Wii doesn't output av (av works) but component works

    Title says "component" but then here you wrote "composite." So which cable signal doesn't work? The yellow video out or the component (red, green, blue)? I found in my experience that selecting the wrong input on the TV is the most likely culprit. As in, you've connected the Yellow video cable...
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    Hardware Best (and cheapest) way to record my wii?

    Could be cheap if you can find a deal on eBay or somewhere similar. I use Elgato game capture HD. This older version came with a adapter to capture component input. So connect the Wii via component and the Elgato video out is HDMI to your tv and obviously it also simultaneously goes out to a USB...
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    Gaming [vWii] Any Homebrew Application that lets me redownload RB3 DLC that I purchased?

    Yes C3 Con Tools. Get it from the C3customs website. The tool has a Wii converter. After downloading a CON file(s) you can use the converter to convert the con into Wii meta and song folder. I wouldn't convert any con that is multi track though because those are prone to skipping on the Wii.
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    Hardware Are any of those cheap HDMI adapters any good?

    I originally was going to get one of those generic adapters but was worried about getting a bad one so I went with the Hyperkin. I do like that the Sewell adapter has audio out port. Perhaps I'll try one some point. Thanks y'all for the info.
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